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Follow the story of Rowan Blackwell, a hero responsible for saving his land from the clutches of a demon lord, as he finds himself forced to serve the dark bidding of a new, nefarious evil.

Descend into darkness and join our hero on a journey of corruption and betrayal. Will you be able to change the course of history and maintain your heroic spirit, or will you live to become the undoing of everything you once fought for?

Fight against the hands of fate or give in to the darkness, the choice is yours.

Support the game on Patreon to get access to builds a month earlier, and help us fund more content. Additionally, you can buy the game on Steam!

Core Features

Jam packed with over 15 hours of playtime and diverse game systems, Seeds of Chaos has more than enough content to keep you ensnared for days on end.

  • Reactive Storytelling- branching which makes each playthrough feel personal & rewarding! Multiple endings!
  • Indulge In Your Desires- debauchery awaits with over 100 sex scenes!
  • Customize Your Domain- castle management & upgrade system!
  • Explore A Rich Fantasy World- explore a map filled with discoveries!
  • Unleash Your Dark Side- play as a fallen hero, turning into a villain
  • Treat Your Ears- full, original soundtrack by Leet Music, known for their work on numerous Winter Wolves projects.


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PatreonJessika’s Curse is a hand-painted RPG currently in development, featuring deep turn-based combat, erotic Battle-Lust animations and good dose of geeky humor.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(529 total ratings)
AuthorsVenus Noire, TinyHat Studios
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, Meaningful Choices, NSFW, ntr, vn, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Patreon, Steam, Homepage, Twitter


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seeds-of-chaos-0.2.47-mac.zip 326 MB
seedsofchaos.version0247-247-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 391 MB

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hello I've just started the game and I've searched some cheat codes for the game and found it but I'm on mobile and I've downloaded as apk and can't change the cheat file is there a way to do it without changing the file because the one I found said that the cheat file had to be changed in order to cheat

Edit: Nvm I opened it but now I need something to open it with any mobile players who can help me?

Am i doing something wrong? How do you take Rastedel completely so that the dynamic duo doesn't get pissy? ALSO, is there more that can happen with Alain than the one sex scene or are there others?

how tf do i convince the orks to join me i cant find the woman the female ork is talking about anywhere

If I remember correctly you need to explore the camp and roll above a certain number to find her, so buy from clamin to improve the stat related to detection

Hii Can i ask I found This game like 4 month ago can i ask Is this Have like Boy X boy Theme like That

There is a small amount of male-male content if I remember correctly, though it is certainly not the focus of this particular project.

I'm having a bug with the game inventory and item shop, all the items appear as blurred squares with no information about them, i can click to equip and unequip an i can buy or sell them, but i cant see what they do or how much they cost, is this a known bug?


do i get anything extra if i buy it on steam?


I'm pretty sure they focus on Patreon and Steam now. Seeing how the last update here is more than a year ago, you should get a bunch of new content there.

It's a good game and the development is pretty steady, even when there is trouble (e.g. health issues) the updates keep coming. So yeah, if you wanna invest in a game, this is not a bad bet.

If i dissable NTR it wont let me see it but is it happening?

Like she cheats but the game wont show it?

If you block NTR its imposible for her to cheat

When is Alex gonna be pregnant?


The items in the Caravan don't have pictures... I can't even see what I'm buying.

is there a walkthrough or something.. i keep getting bad ending..


The game is complete?


This game is amazing!!! I'm still in the process of playing around with it. I hope to see more gay content and perhaps be able to pursue  a regular relationship with one of the male members in the castle.. Also was hoping to ditch Alexa for Andre.  I've been avoiding Alexa whenever possible; it seems Andre is crazy about her too. Also is it better to pick Patricia or Jacques?

Keep Up The Fantastic Work!!

Quick question. Is ntr avoidable?

Yep, they ask before showing the scenes if you want to see them or not.


woah I had no idea how neglected this page is. Of course the patreon version is ahead but the last update here is from more than a year ago. The devs don't come here anymore. Current version is 0.3.06


Man, I hoped it would be nice but those minigames are such a pain why isn't there a option to just skip the minigames? And why so many bad endings, fuck dude it's a porn game we're here for entertainment not to fuckin stress ourselves trying to not meet a bad end


haha.......same here bro.....btw do you know any similar games like this(ARTwise)


well, Knightly passion, better art and easier stuff,  what a legend, 


"better art" literally makes no sense. Stop comparing and stop being a douche just because you didn't like it, just say "i didn't like it because the minigames" and be done with it lol


Yes lets all stop having opinions to stop kenshi from crying


yes, poor him lol

Opinions are like assholes everybody has one.

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How do I delete data? Doesn't matter if I delete, whenever I extract it again it reloads all my previous data and CG in the gallery. Though I know how to start and delete my saves how do I clear the CG gallery for a fully deleted save?

(2 edits)

Nevermind. To anyone who needs this I'll leave a link to the website that helped me-- just follow the steps on the "delete save data" section



Game is amazing it as one of the best 2D sex Seen and it as one of the best story i ever read but. it has NTR and I really hate NTR BULLSHIT but this game is different it gives you the choice to have NON-NTR Content this is why I like this game. i my like the game because it has the choice to have a NON-NTR Content but it has so many goblin sex Seens Im tired of seeing goblins what the hell is the story writer doing and shit. son of a bitch has a goblin fetish. I think the writer should put more content in Rowan’s wife NON-NTR ROUTE and Not in another Goblin content or another character. or just make it equal it just very unfair for us who just want to go Rowan wife NON-NTR route there’s not much content in it. overall i’ll give it a 4/5 

is there femdom elements?




I love playing from the wife's perspective. I hope things like pregnancy will be added :')

Is it possible to pursue just gay romance and avoid straight, maybe?


I think so, at least I could til 60 week lool although I wouldnt call a romance what Rowan has for Andras lmao hope the minotaur is an option, he is a cool dude


Are you gonna update this version or is this like a demo?


This has become a demo; they decided upon branching out that any further updates and progress should be paid for. The announcement is somewhere on here, back in early 2021 I think, or thereabouts. 

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When is the next update?


Someone just copy and pasted your game onto Itch

Can you link please? Can't find it


I think it was removed. I can't find it anymore.


does this game actually has any yaoi/ lgbt content? 

I saw the yaoi tag but the game mostly advertises sexy ladies.

just wondering if we get to date guys or just girls.


There is yaoi/yuri content, but it is possible to lock yourself out of it depending on your choices.

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How the hell do you avoid the part where the kingdom is attacking you and avoid the twins killing you!???? 

Go with hereditary feudalism, not might is right.

thank you my good person


A question. Is there an option for male x male intimate scenes?



I made an account solely to write this comment so Venus Noire please read it.

I love the game BUT, a lot of quality of life things are missing.

1st: The castle report is completely buggy, the treasure income is on +0 all the time morale is on +0 all the time.

2nd: No guide or help at all, for example half the journal is outdated and is talking about non-existant stuff or is inaccurate,

I can't find out how I can convert my personal gold to treasury gold, have no clue what is happening with the treasury income cause it fluctuates all the time the description of the buildings is also a bit vague.

3rd: BUGS!!

There are 2 bugs I get frequently which are:

-I finish the week and before getting an event after the exploration phase i get texts saying things like: Morale under 50#1 Morale under 50#2 Morale under xyz# 1 or 2.

-When I finish the expedition phase either manually or automatically by being out of moves or whatever, when I start exploring again I will have 0.25 or 0.5 moves which I hypothesise is the leftover from my previous exploration phase.

If you actually read it THANK YOU!!

If you fix all these things by the next patch or via a hotfix i will become a patreon with the highest paying option. 

Regards, Dr. Adam Hughes


Is this game going to reach some sort of ending??? Although there are a lot of great updates but its pretty much the same. 


Already bought on steam, if there's an android version thats not a demo, where can I get it?

on another Website like Gamecax etc.


is this game still being updated on this site






Does this game actually have Yaoi in it? Can't see anything like it in the pictures provided, despite having the tag there...


Yes, the male protagonist can have sex with the male succubus. However, most sex scenes are straight and there is otherwise not much in terms of m/m sex scenes.


there's actually a ton of m/m content. the only thing that's really rare is being the top in those scenes.

Are going to be a next version of the game.

What date it could be?


I can't advance to any Alexia and Adreas NTR scenes after the prison scene :")

This game is amazing! I was wondering can anybody tell me where the game is going in paths of Rowan, the Mistress, and the Demon Lord? I have done a lot of conquering, and I was wondering is the corruption more for Rowan or Alexa?  The content is all over the place amazing, but I prefer mostly MM content for Rowan...Also does Rowan and the Demon Lord draw closer because Alexa and the Mistress are hitting it off quite well.

My map movement went gradually from 11 to 7. I have all tech researched and I am on week 76. Can't even get to the capital anymore. Anyone know what gives?


while ntr is avoidable, it seems that you can't avoid characters having "ntr like" feelings. which seems like a whole bunch of bullshit. just want rowan and his wife to have as happy and wholesome relationship as possible in this situation.


I agree


I want to buy the game as a one time payment (with future updates, unlike patreon), like how it's on steam, but for android. Is there any way to do that currently?

Only on patreon at the moment. We'll see how it goes when Act 1 is done. :)


yeah, I encourage a way to be able to buy the game like that, unless you want to see piracy. 

I'd rather buy a game then pirate it, but there's no way I'm paying $5 every month. In a year or two it'll add up to quite a large sum of money, which I don't plan on spending on any game.

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I bought this game on steam a while ago and trusted the developer. This was good and solid money I loved to give as the game looks not only promising in terms of gameplay, the artwork is simply amazing, too. 

But little did I know...

The version on steam is now older than 3 months and an update is not in sight. For me it is absolutely clear that the developer is only interested in his patreon feeders who want to pay 5 Dollar a month for a game that is almost not making any progress.

I wish Veuns Noire every success and money and all the best. But for a h-game which at the moment has this state, 5 Dollar a month is more like a joke. This is 60 Dollar a month. The price of a fully published Triple-A-title with tons of gameplay, a finished story, minigames, stunning graphic and everything you could wish for. 

But lets get deeper: The game was released in March 2018. 

Right know the game has the price of 42 month a 5 Dollar, meaning: 210 Dollar for a game this developed and having that progress. This simply doesn't add up for me. I downvoted the game in steam and I only could warn people for greedy developers like Venus Noire. 

What I try to say is: Is the game worth 0 Dollar? Of course not, it makes me wet simply thinking of Alexia and all the sexy stuff put in the game.

But is it worth 60 Dollar per anno? Hard nope. It lacks so many features, it has placeholder graphics, almost no gameplay. It only has a mildly interesting story which many dark turns and a considerable amount of great artwork. 

For me wanting 60 Dollar a year is just downright greedy.

Especially when the patreons feed him 10500 Dollar a month! 

Again, don't get me wrong: I do NOT want any presents.  I do not want any gifts or his work for free.

What I want is that he honors the deal on steam as well. Even if we are only one-time-payers.


sadly, this is all-too common in this genre.
these ppl charge as if they were the creators of HoneypotSelect themselves, not just some kids making machinima with someone else's software.
no devs, you are not making game, you are writing stories. 
price the m  accordingly, maybe go into a bookstore sometime and see how much a completed story is worth.. you might notice that authors 1:do not charge by the 'chapter', and 2 - a COMPLETED novel is about $10-20, tops.

Deleted post
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just do wat i do pay 5 for the game, complete it then cancel the subscription, so your only paying 5 overall.

but the game is not completed, so you cannot possibly complete it, and that is my point.

the pregnant alexia scene is available in this update, could anyone tell me? if it is and you know the step by step, comment down here.

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