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Follow the story of Rowan Blackwell, a hero responsible for saving his land from the clutches of a demon lord, as he finds himself forced to serve the dark bidding of a new, nefarious evil.

Descend into darkness and join our hero on a journey of corruption and betrayal. Will you be able to change the course of history and maintain your heroic spirit, or will you live to become the undoing of everything you once fought for?

Fight against the hands of fate or give in to the darkness, the choice is yours.

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Core Features

Jam packed with over 15 hours of playtime and diverse game systems, Seeds of Chaos has more than enough content to keep you ensnared for days on end.

  • Reactive Storytelling- branching which makes each playthrough feel personal & rewarding! Multiple endings!
  • Indulge In Your Desires- debauchery awaits with over 100 sex scenes!
  • Customize Your Domain- castle management & upgrade system!
  • Explore A Rich Fantasy World- explore a map filled with discoveries!
  • Unleash Your Dark Side- play as a fallen hero, turning into a villain
  • Treat Your Ears- full, original soundtrack by Leet Music, known for their work on numerous Winter Wolves projects.


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PatreonJessika’s Curse is a hand-painted RPG currently in development, featuring deep turn-based combat, erotic Battle-Lust animations and good dose of geeky humor.


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I bought this game on steam and I got passed the siege and can't seem to do anything else.

who is darius and where do we find him

I've played the game a few years ago, and decided to check it out on Android. I ran into some problems with it though. I couldn't find any backlogs, so I can't see any previous text(which is extra troublesome at choices). Also, during exploration the skipping mode is preserved between dialogues, so any event starts with skipping on(even if settings say otherwise). And I don't see any way to access main menu while on the base. All that makes the game near-unplayable for me, so I'd rather wait until you fix this.


Holy fucking hell.  The siege scenes were brutal.   "NTR" is avoidable".  Then the writer NTRed an entire city.  Very effective story-telling. Very Berzerk-esque.  I was absolutely livid the entire time.  The existential crisis my character was having in relation to maybe he should have just rotted in that prison in scene 1 of the game :P  It almost felt like the twins hubris is getting the better of them.   They didn't dangle a big enough carrot in front of Rowan in the outcome of that battle- or maybe they just feel like they don't need Rowan anymore?

Also- after doing all that there is no way Rowan should only be level 3 :P  

Not sure why it isn't an option in the Greymane vs Andras scene to just let greymane kill him / do nothing / help him kill him.  Maybe for a bad ending?  
Obviously you cannot just off him- it wouldn't be good for the story......yet! :P

Seemed like an obvious choice to make if you find Andras and Jezera absolutely horrible sadists.

If there is no ability to off Andras by the time the game is finished- I will put his charter files on a flash drive and smash it with a hammer.....then end my own life.

could anyone tell me whether the fertility treatment of alexia is finished or still in progress? I saw some updates on that in the notes but wanna know if finished or not :) thanks in advance


when will we have demon transformation for MC and Alexia ?? would be nice :)

When will a paid android version be opened? I'd love to buy it but I only have an android. Does your patreon have an android version? I'd love to support the game and play it. And I'm very exited as to where this takes you!

when will this download be updated 

When will the steam version get updated next?

Next month.

Thank you.

Android version doesnt install.

Pls.let me know that how to pass Event name Goal-2?(the 3rd dream as prinsoner.

Is anyone else getting an exception error that says KeyError: u' The Riddle of Steel'?? It keeps coming up once Cliohna sends in her report and when I hit ignore it doesn't go away.

Will this game be for sale somewhere else eventually? It is not available on Steam Germany, as many games with erotic content have been banned.. :( And I'd really like to buy it for a fixed price whenever this is possible.

We'll have to wait until act 1's over unfortunately but I'm sure it'll definitely happen.
That said, There are probably some keys at Indiegala being sold right now. I don't know if it would fix the regional problem though.

That's good news! I'll have to play the free version until then, I guess. The art in the game is absolutely gorgeous.

It could, but not every code from other countries works here.. So it would be a gamble to try. And using a VPN will get your account banned if you get caught.. If only there was a way to properly prove your age. :/ Not your fault or problem, though. Thank you so much for replying, I appreciate it!

Thank you so much. :) we'll do our best. 

Sorry to dwell on this, but can you give an estimate on when I can expect it to be available in Germany? Would really like to buy the game here, as I've played through the game in various stages already ^^

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idk why but i love rowan x andras


Why just why wtf is wrong with you.


the problem is?


Let me guess you are a cuck.


cuck? never heard of that but just say your homophobic and go lol


When did i ever say i was against gay shit i am against cucks like you since you are one and you seem to have no taste at all. lol

Why are the item images in Cla-Min's caravan super tiny? I had to go into the game files to even know what they were.


Everyone is asking about what happened to the game so here you go this is just based on everything that I have seen in the discord with people who actually work on this game in said discord. But no the game is not done but they actually don't care about the public release. I know this sense when someone asked about it they basically told him to fuck off and pay money for the game. And also they canceled the public release for months now in conclusion they don't care about you or anyone else that plays the public release they have made that clear and if you don't have the money to play the game according to them to bad don't play it so don't ever expect the public version to be updated again 


So basically they abandoned the itch.io release to focus solely on the Steam and Patreon versions? Not a good look for the devs.

Is this game finished?


So this is just based on everything that I have seen in the discord with people who actually work on this game in said discord. But no the game is not done but they actually don't care about the public release. I know this sense when someone asked about it they basically told him to fuck off and pay money for the game. And also they canceled the public release for months now in conclusion they don't care about you or anyone else that plays the public release they have made that clear and if you don't have the money to play the game according to them to bad don't play it so don't ever expect the public version to be updated ever again 


why have ithiio not been uptaded for download mode for seed of chaos i would love to continue were i left of ^^

When I choose Alexia to work as a maid, I always get this message "Event Name: alexia_maid_harassment_couter" How do I fix this?

Hey, so I'm currently in the mission to capture Rastadel. But no matter how Many weeks go by and no matter how Many times I enter it nothing happens. What am I supposed to do?

I cant seem to do anything but die on week 60?

like I can see stuff i want to reach but i dont have enough movement points

first concer main points then start upgrading when u got inof staff for the main event then ull get it done right way 


I hate to sound petty, but I found a few mistakes on the Steam version.

See through hood (Beggar's ally)

 Beggar speaking Rowan's line (at least that's how I interpret it)

"Hair through his hair"

And "effec;t"

That's it and keep up the good work.

does the steam version support macs?

Is this online?


Venus Noire....please don't be too greedy especially with the state of the world. If other developers can afford to put up several public builds a year then so can you. I used to be patron so I know you were bringing in quite a few donations on Patreon.  That's not counting elsewhere. Many people have lost their jobs recently (not that most people had a lot of extra money to begin with). You can't squeeze blood from a rock. Even if you released public builds more often I'm guessing you will still receive a considerable amount of money from those that can afford it.


Im 50 /50 whit you on that m8 :) generosity goes long way ^^


I won't even say about how expensive this may be in another parts of the world, like Latin America as a whole.

i keep dying in week 60 can you guys tell me where i can find allies to join twins?

pls reply guys i want to finish the game


At the top of the first map there is a bridge. Cross it and head NW , There is a village and plot objective that you neeed to complete. It takes awhile to complete though so give yourself plenty of time.

A question to anyone who can answer this about this game: I have reached week 210 and have captured the two Castels is there anything else to do after this point because I have no more updates and completed all my research and I'm basically roaming around the map

you can buy it on steam where they update it now

Thanks a million, Rooshavik for letting me know!!!

i would love to get the new version but its not on android what can i do ?


Hello, I would like to ask a question. The game looks amazing! and I have seen that it has gay elements. As a gay gamer I would like to ask people who have played it, if you would recommend playing it to a gamer who is mostly interested in the gay sex scenes and gay interactions in this story. Before buying I would like to know someone's opinion.


Fam, I got you This game is very nice in terms of gay sex scene's

so I would really recommend this game.

 although the MC is married I would really recommend this game it has a lot of all kinds of sex options as far as wanting a girl or guy in some options I myself preferred the guys in every option I got I think you would enjoy this game if you have not played it yet good luck bro.


Where will you relese the full game? Only on Steam? Or on Itch.io as well? I can't see any option to buy this game here on Itch.

I'm wondering what next especially with the fall of that kingdom, maybe we finally go to the Blackwood. Hopefully more of Greyhide and Alexis pairing, possibly Rowan finally getting a chance to get revenge? So many possibilities, but I'm willing to wait, but for now I'm having a hard time trying to get the sex scene with Greyhide and Alexis, the scene where she rides him.

Hello Vendetta,

we're currently working on character arcs right now and , afterwards, Blackholtz. Once those stuff are done, we're gonna go to polishing then wrapping up act 1.

Cool that is good news, but I'm having a issue with getting more scene with Alexis and Greyhide. I have only got the dinner scene where Rowan left them alone, but I know there more to that scene, but I'm not too sure if I messed up or anything. I have the latest update so I don't know what wrong.

hi and ty for creating this amaizing game umm question are we aible to  see some tauren babys and do u have a new walkthru pdf for free download any chance plz i really could use one right now if u be so kind plz :)

hi would u be so kind and add you beautifull game update on android also in itch i would love to play it and pay it ^^

I'm having problems finding this game on steam, the link works well but when I login to my account the page just says there was a prob and I'm just left there

its truly a pity this game seems really promising and I wanted to experience, the game seems to not be continued here on itch.io, from some comments, (maybe not plz let me know).

Art seems really a treat and I was really exited about it.

Still gonna give it a go.

Let me know if it is even a prob to begin with and also let me know if they are going to keep on publishing it here on itch.io.

XD thanks

That issue is more of an account limitation.
Here is a tutorial on how to view adult games:

Thank you.

I have to give this game a good try XD seems hella cool

Any idea on when the next public update for itch will be? By the way, I'm willing to buy the game through itch.

Public release has long been ceased for itch. 

Probably the next release is a demo with an updated gameplay mechanics.
That said,  there will be a finished version here  once act 1 is done.

The game is great, and has many pleasing visuals, the only deterrent from me supporting on Patreon or buying it on steam, is that there's no guide to the game, unlike many others you will find on itchio 


Hi, will you guys ever consider making a game like this but with a female protag and male options? I really love the art style of the game and as a fan of the dark hero narrative, the atmosphere is absolutely amazing! If not, that's alright I can find my otome nsfw fix elsewhere, but if you guys ever do decide to do so, consider me an immediate patron!

Hello Dissidiatime,

We're currently developing 2 games right now, Seeds of Chaos and Jessika's Curse, which both are in the alpha stages.

It'll take a several years to finish the whole SoC saga as we're just tying the loose ends for act 1 .

No promises but we'll see what the future holds. :)

Loved the story up until cheating and what not got involved. Nothing against the game tho, just not my liking.

Can I download the Mac application on an iPad Pro 12

iPad can’t run Mac apps

was playing it for free but then went and got it on steam for easy updating and well why not support a cool game lol 


I can see a "Yaoi" tag, is this true? As in can I only see male characters? Or

(2 edits) (+3)

The wording of your question confuses me so, I'll answer like this.

There is heterosexual and homosexual content within the game. The protag has a wife, but you can mostly easily avoid hetero scenes through your choices, you can also fairly easily avoid male/male content fairly easily through your choices. That being said, it is probably impossible to avoid all the gay or all the straight content. You will likely encounter both no matter what you do. While the protagonist is male, you will occasionally gain control over his wife and be able to make choices on her behalf.

In other words

It has both a lot of straight and a lot of gay content. There is more straight content though, and it's (in my opinion) easier to find all the straight scenes than some of the gay scenes. 

I like the game.

i just need to ask is this the same as on steam or is this a diferent version??

this is more than a year behind vs the steam version.


More futa my good sir

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