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Follow the story of Rowan Blackwell, a hero responsible for saving his land from the clutches of a demon lord, as he finds himself forced to serve the dark bidding of a new, nefarious evil.

Descend into darkness and join our hero on a journey of corruption and betrayal. Will you be able to change the course of history and maintain your heroic spirit, or will you live to become the undoing of everything you once fought for?

Fight against the hands of fate or give in to the darkness, the choice is yours.

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Core Features

Jam packed with over 15 hours of playtime and diverse game systems, Seeds of Chaos has more than enough content to keep you ensnared for days on end.

  • Reactive Storytelling- branching which makes each playthrough feel personal & rewarding! Multiple endings!
  • Indulge In Your Desires- debauchery awaits with over 100 sex scenes!
  • Customize Your Domain- castle management & upgrade system!
  • Explore A Rich Fantasy World- explore a map filled with discoveries!
  • Unleash Your Dark Side- play as a fallen hero, turning into a villain
  • Treat Your Ears- full, original soundtrack by Leet Music, known for their work on numerous Winter Wolves projects.


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I wonder how you can see all the scenes in the game

So no more updates here? Since there’s been 2 updates in Steam and Patreon, while here it’s still in Sept.

The public demos are no longer being updated- there's enough here to give you a good idea of the game, in order to unlock more content please consider supporting us on Patreon or Steam!

For some reason, I can't find this on Steam. Do you know if the game has been restricted in certain area?


I dont think it is but I think there is a toggle you need to check before you can browse adult games on steam.

There's a lot of interesting mechanics here, especially for a visual novel. I've never been disappointed by the fact that being the good guy is the easier route in most games, but seeing a game that is trying to buck that trend is interesting. I do wish the principled option didn't predictably lead to a game over, because that does feel like a missed opportunity to have an alternate campaign where the twins have taken everything over and you lead a resistance. I understand that would be a good amount of work to do, though, so I don't blame you if you just don't want to do that. 

I don't mind seeing the wife character sleeping with other people, and I would like Rowan to be able to sleep with other people as well, but I don't want them doing that without explicit permission from each other to open their relationship, for story immersion/roleplaying purposes. I'd like to have the option to see them give each other that permission very early on, ideally in the opening section of the game before everything kicks off.


Also, the death scene for the elder felt very rushed. It happened and then it was over, and it didn't seem to affect Rowan very much, I mean there's not even an option to discuss it with his wife. It just felt like it should have more impact outside of that one scene.


I don't know how much of this game I actually will play, because I really do not like playing the bad guy in games, but the idea of trying to remain good in a bad situation does sound reasonably compelling, so we'll see.


So happy about this being on steam.
Been playing this for over an year, glad it's doing well, now that it's on steam can get auto updates
Just wanted to know if you prefer to buy from steam for publicity or patreon directly?

so uh, the thing changed and we are getting a steam version soon, is it gonna get an update with it? I thought it wasnt finished?

The Steam version is Early Access- we'll be releasing more content for it as we go, just like the Patreon version! The Patreon version will receive more frequent updates, the Steam version has cloud saves and eventually we would like to add achievements & trading cards.


ah that makes sense, glad it has arrived at steam, the censorship hell lol

The game is uncensored.

Steam does Uncensored porn now.


Wow, the history is so well written, the characters stances didn't cease to amaze me! Looking foward to new releases. :)

how do i increase my diplomacy?


Is there anything related to MalexMale here?


yes, a big part of the cg is male x male

After week 60, Rowan is killed. Did I miss something?

Yeah! Go to Rastedel, the big city on street north then east! Go there many times and be sure to do all the quests there :)

(2 edits)

So week 1 I come across an abbey and the cutscene mentions someone named “Cliohna”. The dialogue seems to imply I should know who that is, but I haven’t been introduced to her and she doesn’t have an entry in the codex. Am I encountering a scene out of order or should I know who this is?

Edit: After encountering her after week 3 I understand that the scene doesn’t take into account if you’ve seen her yet.


i cant past the first quest :C

How i conquer Rastedel after the 3 weeks? I have this objective in the throne room and I don't know what to do

Can't yet. They are still working on that part of the story.

I had to re-download the game today, because I got an error message about a missing file. After downloading the updated version, I got the same message about a missing exe file. can someone please help?

how to get the driver attack

Failed the first task. I feel stupid.


Small request. Since we get more Jezera and Alexia, can we also get more Andras and Rowen? *eyebrow wiggle*


Mini Walkthrough Made by yours truly– 


This has the stats in the game and some of the errors for the game.

i love you.



(1 edit) (+4)

Love this. Nough said. So happy for the gay options to. (though I wish for more) xD

how long would it take for the game to finish?

how to pass week 60

I don't know if it's a bug or if the content is not yet released, but i'm on week 180... and i  think i explored the whole map, i aready rescued the noble from the orc camp and i don't know what else to do, my resources are very limited and i can't continue playing because nothing happens, what do i do? 

How did you save Delane? I'm having some trouble figuring out what I'm missing.

I read your Patreon post. I'm unable to become a Patreon, but I'm not against one-and-done purchases.

By the way, I already made a small donation to Seed of Chaos about a year ago. I'm willing to do the same with your other games.

I won't make me visit Andras 

(2 edits)

How the hell do I do it to get more resources? I can't get through week 60 without being killed because the army is so small

edit: I pass week 60 but in some scenes u only see a black background without CG. .. is this normal or a bug? 

BTW need more greyhide x alexia please 

can you tell me how did you get a bigger army i can not pass week 60

you need to complete the orc camp ... those who are in dispute over the leadership

(5 edits)

I'm playing version 0.2.46/47 and I get a big error that says "An exception has occured"  when Jezera sends me out on week 1. The only options I have are Rollback, Ignore, Open, Copy, and Quit. Ignore does nothing, and Rollback takes me back to the last dialogue box before the error. I can't proceed. SEND HELP!

windows version btw

UPDATE: I proceeded to the map on that save in the earlier 0.2.37 version, took a step, then saved. I then loaded that save on 0.2.47 and it put me directly to the end of week 1. I think this version has an issue with the world map or something.

Hey great game rly enjoyable experience quick question though : how long do you think the game will be completely finished?

Amazing game.  Looking forward to following as it grows even larger.  One small error with noble ranks though.  Baron is actually one of the lowest ranks of nobility and Duke is one of the highest.  Makes it weird reading that the a Duke is in service to a Baron.

Hey I need help(Android):

First thing: the app didnt Update it just installed, Seeds of Chaos is now 2 times on my phone, new and old version.

Second thing: my save files aren't on the new Version. Pls help.

(1 edit)

You have to remove thefirst one and move the save file to the next patch. It is technically like that in the pc version as there's no "online patch", just downloading and installing it manualy.

From rummaging the forums, it seems you can find the android file in the directory: SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves

Thank you. It was a pain in the Ass to find because i didnt knew what folder i was looking for and i had  over 400 in Android/Data/ but i found it ;) 


i  cant locat rasendel 

Keep going towards left side from Daron Duke castle u will find rasendal

if u    try difrent   things u  unlock  difrent galleries in bonus

What kind of content is in this game?

(1 edit)

you should read development log.
it just right above comment section.

i discoverd new  cgs  in bonus i havent seen befor  try all possible things to discover new  things

i at start helpd one leader then  in  end  showd b guy where girl was and gaind his help 

i keep failing  the game i cant find the villigige twins ask to visit besides geting a army 

Quick Question: I'm at the Orkish Warband and Choose to side with the Warband leader. I was Hunting presents until they said no more need for Hunting she is Satisfied. As I spoke to the Warband Leader he said shes still angry and I need to get more presents but the Option isnt there Anymore because they said that it would be enough.

Do I have to find a Present somewhere or isnt that implemented yet?

(2 edits)

Requirement to finish Orc Camp Quest:
* you need to do raid more than few times
(you can do this by searching the camp until you get an option to raid)
* corrupt or Convince the captive (lady) with present.
(depends on which camp you support)
(Rival for warchief need corruption route, WarChief route need hunt for present, Orc lady Camp need more peaceful approach)
*Speak with the leader of Camp after Doing the requirement.
(Each Camp have different requirement as i stated.)

Most Scene have Dice roll/ RNG roll which will shown somewhere corner of the screen.

*meet Warchief
*Search Camp for raid/hunt option (Repeat if fail)
*Raid the orc camp (do it few times, failure doesn't count)
* hunt for present (do it few times, failure doesn't count)
* sneak into the lady hut (repeat if fail to sneak inside)
*convince her the orc Warchief is nice
* Speak To Warchief

Ending: now they love each other and you got an army of orc.

hunting for present will trigger this roll whet ever it's success or not, Save/load might be very useful.

Orc Camp Scenario is already Completed, developer might add more CG later if they want to.
but it's already complete as far as i know.
and there is 3 route for the orc camp.

in short :
Bluffing the orc guard to let you meet their leader (RNG roll)
choose side (you only can choose if they allow you to meet their leader)
kill whoever stand in your way
convince the human lady to do your bidding in anyway you deem fits.
Epilogue (Ending Scene for orc camp event)

Side Side Quest:
*Search for Orc hermit
*getting trained by orc hermit
*you gain additional stats and exp (for better RNG roll)
(exp will allow you to level up and give extra point of your choice)

Try sneaking in to talk to her agai

Definitely the best Game I played in a long time. Like being evil in Games. Sadly sometimes it feels like I'm not allowed to be as naughty and evil as I want ;) And to one of the comments below, I let The twin Take Helayna and choose Might is Right. But at least at the moment no one plotted something against me and even that old dwarf gave me a Blowjob ;) Wife works at the Library. Would be nice if she learned some witchcraft there or something. Currently visited the Capital, cant progress further there, found the Orks , cant progress finding Gifts(Not implemented Yet?). 

Someone has a Tip to get more income? 

Have currently -24 income but it's like 5 weeks after I choose Might is Right and nothing Bad happened... 

...at least not to me which is good, i took the castle and a Village, found the Ork Encampment but cant find anything to do on the Map. Any Tips there too?

Thumbs up to Venusnoiregames that Game is Awesome. My Approach (what I am trying):

Being Naughty, but stay strong (not letting him being seduced easily), playing along with the Twins, and trying to corrupt the 'Hero' and his Wife into wanting all that Evil Stuff ;)

(3 edits)

Search For cave,
they are gold source income.

don't Manage captive/prisoner.
it can be annoying if you don't know how to manage slave.

guaranteed to trigger if you move on every tile of the map.
(Use Save/load if you find Random Event because most of them have RNG roll)

List Of  Map Event i remember:

1. Vanilla Rowan x wife (need to be nice to his wife)
2. Sabbath witch
3. Sorcerer
4. Stalked by beast
5. Beast VS sabbath witch (need to meet both sabbath and beast)
6. The WIsp
7. the fairy and the sissy
8. Witch orgy (i think it's different witch from sabbath witch)
9. Mother Nature VS angry Mob

list of fixed location event:
1. orc camp
2. Abbot and the succubus (CG not available yet)
3.  Temple Guard (No CG, it's only convince a dude to survive)
4. Village Prostitution
5. first time on capital

and what ever event you can find in the castle.

Thanks Friendly Guy.

Best game of this type! Cant wait for new updates.

(1 edit)

A few questions:

Is there any way to rebuild Rowan’s home village yet, or no?

Also i’m not seeing all the content that they’re saying is in it. (Like for example the pregnancy sex scene). I am however avoiding the gay scenes.

Also do some of the buildings just not have content for them? If so which?

Finally: is there a way to recapture Helayna when she escapes from Castle Bloodmeen?

(1 edit)

you should check orc camp in the north and recapture human prisoner inside orc camp because they are trying to escape.

there is 3 result for helayna, escape , rowan slave, rowan personal knight.

Is that after she is already cursed?

Cause Jezera curses her, and then you keep her for a bit, and then she escapes.

there is 2 option when you capture the fort,
take helayna as your prize and she is belong to rowan.
let the twin have her.

letting the twin have her will cause her to escape no matter what (alexa will help her escape in case rowan doesn't help)

taking helayna as yours will give another route to train her as knight or the other things.

Does the game include NSFW cgs?

i think the developer will add disable NSFW content after finishing the game.

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