Jessika’s Curse is a hand-painted RPG experience currently development on Patreon. Its design allows for deep turn-based combat, erotic Battle-Lust animations and good dose of geeky humor.

The core of Jessika’s Curse will be turn-based combat that marries classic Jrpg concepts with elements from more recent roguelike games such as Darkest Dungeon. All characters in the game and all their moves and Battle-Lust interactions will be animated by hand in Spine: 2D, and the ones we’ve done so far promise that the game is going to look very sweet.

We want success in combat to require a good dose of preparation and smart configuration, but will also design it to allow personal preference and playstyle to thrive. Each character in your party can equip a limited amount of skills from her pool, and it’s up to you to figure out what combinations get the job done.

The world of Jessika’s Curse is a sexy and seductive place, and many attacks don’t assault your party’s health but target their lust instead. If a girl’s lust becomes too high there is a good chance your commands will be ignored in favor of less constructive things (those boobs aren’t going to squeeze themselves...). The times when this happens it will be done via lavish hand-crafted animations. When lust gets to maximum levels enemies will use a special lust cinematic to knock the girl out in fitting H-game style.


Battle Lust
The attacks from the game’s monsters often don’t assault your party’s health, but target their lust instead. When lust gets too high the party members will succumb to their desires and start doing naughty things!

Challenging Gameplay
We’re inspired by games that offer a real gameplay challenge. Success in Jessika’s Curse will require a good dose of pre-combat preparation, as each character in your party can only equip a limited amount of skills from her pool.

A world ruled by dark Deities
The world of Jessika’s Curse is shaped by twisted Deities. Our inspiration for this comes from things like Warhammer’s Gods of Chaos, which means the game world will be filled with unnatural hentai-esque madness.

Other features
• Hand-painted characters animated in Spine: 2D
• A ton of explicit animations per party member (often involving enemies)
• Beautiful side-scrolling backgrounds in the style of Dragon’s Crown
• A town that grows in size and epicness


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Patreon• Seeds of Chaos is a free to play dark fantasy eroge made in Ren'py. It is inspired by the worldbuilding of Berserk, Dark Souls, The Witcher and other epic fantasy series.


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Ok I just played the Demo, But I gotta say the art is fantastic and the game so far is great albeit a little bare-bones (but this was just the Demo). I wasn't expecting Lust damage to be as much of a problem as it was, like the enemies are more likely to do lust attack and do massive amounts of it. And a Lust-Breaked Party member is such an unpredictable inconveinance, and the fact that there is very little that can be done about it hurts all the more...... Was pretty hot tho.....

I especially love Mouse. She is really sexy, though at times it sounded like her voice was being filtered and the filter was crackly or something, I dunno.... But yeah, All of the Mouse animations were spectacular <3

epic epic epic game....hope to see a lot of new upgrades in the netx month...the game is really awesome.....


will u make an android version that would be great

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The art and voice acting is just superb, the music is good. But everything else so far is just a mess. 

Combat is kinda barebones with the upgrades seemingly unnoticeable  as far as I've noticed through a playthrough.

Various bugs here and there like the enemies attacking at the same time and camera focus all over the place sometimes in the middle of combat.

Given the nature of the game, perhaps it would be good and would make sense to have some kind of penalty for loosing battles, like getting ganged up by the gobs or shrooms or so. Speaking of penalties, I haven't noticed any noticeable changes that was supposed to be given with regards to that random containers 50/50 chance or so.

In overall, has potential but seriously needs work in a lot of areas still, given that it is in development.

Note: During the sex scenes, probably better to remove the music and replace it well actual sex sounds like moaning, just saying if you didn't have any plans yet about that.

i agree with the bottom note

Will u make an android version ?


"Time for mouse to shine!"

-mouse, midway through her death animation.

really like aggressive mouse on goblin

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Lmao I did not expect it to be voiced, that's very unexpected. I was upgrading mouses attack and thought she'd be a beast in fights... turns out she does 2 dmg after 900 gold and the big boobed girl does 27 without any upgrades.. gold well spent.

I'm unable to close the page that talks about how interacting with chests and stuff in the forest can be positive or negative. Pressing the red x doesnt work. Make the escape key step out of any opened window in your game, this will prevent people from getting stuck on minor bugs like this.

is there a gallery? 

wait nvm found it

where is the gallery

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its the book above the characters 

Where is this book? I'm not seeing it.

it's in one of the corners either a book or a red circle 

Mouse is best girl


"I never miss!"



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I will watch your career with great interest.

Loved it so far :)"


unbalance mons


Don't waste your time.

Beautiful game, but voices are cringe AF. They sound very forced, and not natural at all. 

Honestly, though. This game is gorgeous. Art is 9/10. One complaint would be that some interface text/numbers are way too small, and very hard to read. Besides that, the interface design stands toe to toe with any comparable RPG from the 90s. It's clean, and well laid out, contrast between text and background needs work, though.

Static art is very aesthetic, but active animations, and the general style of sprites could be improved. Animation of sprites feels reminiscent of cheap mobile games. I think with as beautiful as this game is, the sprites are a weak spot. 

Interface interactions feel smooth and snappy, however the "X" to close the windows are not always in the same spot, depending on the type of window. It would be much more intuitive to make closing dialogue/notification/interface windows the same. Also, transitioning between parts of the map is confusing, as the characters stop moving, but require continued input to finally transition to the next area. I would like to see either a brief animation of them moving into the next area, or a more instant transition or prompt. 

Additionally, when moving through vertical map areas, it's not always obvious which way you just came from. It would be a good idea to make it more obvious which area you just came from, and which direction you want to go/haven't been yet

I think a focus should be on improving the interface readability, getting voice actors that fit the characters more accurately, and improving sprite animation. Everything else seems really well done.

Hello, I see that the windows version is for 64-bit system, is it possible that there will be a version 32-bit system?

Hi, i see down here you saying there was too early to say if the game comes to steam or not. But i'm very anxious to buy and support this beautiful work, you already have a answer ?

ps: sorry for bad english


We'll consider that once we have made a substantial stride to the game's progress. it will take awhile the project only has 1 artist and one programmer working on it.

don't see the time to launch, i wish the very luck and keep the good work

nice game.


and theres a bug If your girls lust lvl is full and u go into battle they will get knocked out and the game will freeze


i suggest when jessika or mouse fucks a goblin or shroom i think there health should go down because sometimes when people or beings have sex with another they kinda feel exhausted


I would suggest making the lust attacks for the goblins less powerful or making them used less often


This game is okay. The gameplay is weird, the pacing is no the best, but the art is actually outstanding except for that weird stuff with Jessica's helium balloons. The sex sequences are legitimately arousing and high quality.

It's weird that the player is rewarded by losing at the game, so by playing well, upgrading your characters, and defeating enemies, you don't get to watch any scenes...? I feel like it would be better if the sex scenes were rewards or just more frequent such as giving the heroes attacks which sexually assault enemies to deal damage or apply status effects, giving heroes buffs which start a sex sequence solo or between heroes, or making the heroes models actually go through stages of undress as they accumulate stress lust then go nude or at least make their model more fappable when they hit lustbreak.

I'll be straight with you and say that it's hard to actually work to a climax in this game because the player has such little control over when the sex happens despite those sex sequences being so good. This is like playing Darkest Dungeon, but after 15 minutes of playing, I start opening hentai haven for 30 second intervals once or twice per fight.


Game's good just hope you guys would get female Voice actors

Bug in the city Church:  the first character you put through the base-level (only available) lust removal spends the 50 gold and has the appropriate amount removed.  The SECOND character you put through the process AUTOMATICALLY spends 100 gold (if you have it) and has twice as much removal, whether that is what the player wanted or not!  I'm not sure if switching back and doing it a third time spends 150 and triples lust removal but it wouldn't surprise me.

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It would be really nice if the party faced the direction they were actually going instead of always facing right when idle.  Mirror-imaging the sprites (and identifying when that should or should not be done) can't be that difficult of a task. 


It would also be REALLY nice if returning to town recovered a SMALL amount of lust and HP (say, equivalent to hitting up the fountain in the forest).  Because otherwise, once you're dead, you pretty much stay that way, even though you are curiously able to walk around town and do things.  If a character is at or near 200% Lust (pretty much guaranteed after a crawl through the Wyldwoods), it takes three trips to the church (at 50 gold per trip!) to get them clear... 300 gold all told if both are in that status!  And a GOOD run can maybe net the characters half that, at current drop rates.  Or 1/3rd of that for the "you died" consolation prize.


Hope it gets released in Android. :)


Can't understand why you'd make a game with female characters and voice them with male voices.

Kinda kills the reason to put females on the screen in the first place.


Just gave the demo a try:

Story: A Bimbo Knight and a Flat-Chested Thief go on a quest in the forest. That's pretty much it... let's be honest. You've seen these girls before, in other games of this genre. (6.5/10).

Gameplay: Actually pretty decent. The upgrade menus are a bit awkward in that it's hard to figure out if any upgrades are worth picking over others, and a hint about preparing your multi-target attacks would have been nice. The combat is enjoyable, but it was kind of annoying to see that pretty much every enemy would use lust attacks and there is no way to prevent lust buildup, because there is no way to decrease lust outside of town. (7.5/10)

Artwork: It's decent. The gallery was pretty nice. (8/10)

I would highly recommend cutting out the voice acting. The current voices are not fun to listen to.


Please for the love of god, get an actual female voice actor.


stfu asshole


I can't even view the different places in town


The game stops at Object of interest.


Please release a Mac version :3

wait there is no mac version now? I swore originally there was. Jeez this is the second game I have seen do this


So glad you're still working on this. Don't give up. I think you're onto something special here :) 


We're not giving up. in fact we're currently cleaning what we currentlyhave now.

is the game finished??


I love this demo, Thinking about supporting on Patreon but I have to ask. Are you guys dead set on this difficulty level? Damage costs Grossly outweigh loot drops. I keep going bankrupt on lust removal even with minimal or no upgrades. I want to buy & play this game, but I got much further in D Dungeon before quitting. This is not a challenge it's futile. Is there any chance you may tone it down or have an easier mode?


There will be a new demo on the upcoming months. it has been a painful process way but we're currently finished balancing hoops and adding newer contents for the next demo.  :)

I have no idea on how easy it will be since i just mainly do art and dificulty can be quite relative to each individual. 

we'll see how it goes when it's done. :)

Congratulations on the art work. You did an excellent job! I freaking love the look of this game. your art is the main reason I just became a Patreon backer. Even the walking / fight animations are mesmerizing. Cant wait to see what else is in store.

Thanks for the kind words , Dyn! :) 

  It may be an uphill battle but I do my best. :)

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I'm interested in this game too, love the art.  From the web demo what I played I agree with @MrDynamite.  The difficulty level seems high.  First mission I ended up just getting beaten (by the last remaining goblin) got 40 gold and my two characters with 200 lust.  Given it takes 50 gold to remove 50 lust I can see that sending me broke fast.  
I'd suggest maybe10-20% less lust damage from enemies.  Gold drops from defeating enemy parties (not just the gold you find along the way) and halve the costs of lust removal eg 25 gold for 50 lust.  That would be a starting point to see if it helps balance.

I'll check out your next demo and if  I like the balance better I'll likely join as a backer.  Again love the art.

Nothing wrong with difficult, but the whole tutorial introduction I would consider making less misleading. Feel as it's heavily implied with first sorta intro missing coming from Blacksmith that your supposed to spend your money upgrading there. While Fighters guild or whatever it's called only given a brief look over. If you spend your money into buying about lvl 3-4 with character and buying 1 upgrade up in prime ability you plan on using. Game is not hard, but if you spend money on soley buying upgrades at blacksmith your gonna get squashed out playing through the forest.

So maybe problem is more to ease and make sure players fully realise their options. Nice demo btw, my one small gripe with is that it feels a little there not middle ground. Either you play to survive and spend money into upgrade to beating enemies, without much sex happening since those situations are something seems only to happen with high lust. So seems you intuitively try avoid getting there because it's so costly to lower. That or you simply play to lose and take money you can recover from losing and getting back to town, seems to be no real mechanic for utilizing sex as a means to win too.

But then again if you just go to lose and get naughty fun happening, the purpose of looking for treasure kinda go away. If purpose become to lose to see actual sex happening, so kinda wish there were some mechanic for choosing either more Virgin knight route and try survive without defeat, or the more bimbo or slutty route and utilizing the lust as a mean to fight battles somehow. Anyways just a thought enjoyed the demo overall


Please release an android version


+1 vote from me




Just a bit more. I'm almost done  with the animations.

D: yaaay TwT


it plays a little like one of my favourite games: Darkest Dungeon. The lust system works like madness and i am HERE for it! It plays really well!! i'd love to see it on android too but for now, i may have to support some later versions of this when i have some money again because this is AWESOME! <3


Seems like the parallax is a bit off.
The things on the foreground move slower than the ones further away =P
Also im not a fan of the voices... but oh well
Great game!


Well battle is a mess, takes to long to do anything with these long animations.


You can increase the speed with the + and - from the num pad

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