Jessika’s Curse is a hand-painted RPG experience currently development on Patreon. Its design allows for deep turn-based combat, erotic Battle-Lust animations and good dose of geeky humor.

The core of Jessika’s Curse will be turn-based combat that marries classic Jrpg concepts with elements from more recent roguelike games such as Darkest Dungeon. All characters in the game and all their moves and Battle-Lust interactions will be animated by hand in Spine: 2D, and the ones we’ve done so far promise that the game is going to look very sweet.

We want success in combat to require a good dose of preparation and smart configuration, but will also design it to allow personal preference and playstyle to thrive. Each character in your party can equip a limited amount of skills from her pool, and it’s up to you to figure out what combinations get the job done.

The world of Jessika’s Curse is a sexy and seductive place, and many attacks don’t assault your party’s health but target their lust instead. If a girl’s lust becomes too high there is a good chance your commands will be ignored in favor of less constructive things (those boobs aren’t going to squeeze themselves...). The times when this happens it will be done via lavish hand-crafted animations. When lust gets to maximum levels enemies will use a special lust cinematic to knock the girl out in fitting H-game style.


Battle Lust
The attacks from the game’s monsters often don’t assault your party’s health, but target their lust instead. When lust gets too high the party members will succumb to their desires and start doing naughty things!

Challenging Gameplay
We’re inspired by games that offer a real gameplay challenge. Success in Jessika’s Curse will require a good dose of pre-combat preparation, as each character in your party can only equip a limited amount of skills from her pool.

A world ruled by dark Deities
The world of Jessika’s Curse is shaped by twisted Deities. Our inspiration for this comes from things like Warhammer’s Gods of Chaos, which means the game world will be filled with unnatural hentai-esque madness.

Other features
• Hand-painted characters animated in Spine: 2D
• A ton of explicit animations per party member (often involving enemies)
• Beautiful side-scrolling backgrounds in the style of Dragon’s Crown
• A town that grows in size and epicness


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Well since im not a coward I did a video on it and I gotta say The Bandage warrior is defintely my favorite character so far

Yknow aside from the all the tiddy 


Lol! Thanks alot for the video man! It really means alot to us. :)
The next demo is several months away and I'm still finishing new contents.

Btw, I wish you godspeed on your NNN endeavour! we're almost at 10th! :)


You say this as though i havent already failed 😔 

I love the game so far mouse is funny while jess is the voice of reasoning. i would love for this game to be continued

found another somewhat exploitable bug, if you enter the forest while at max lust you lust break as soon as the fight starts, and you can click attack, it wigs out then says defeated returns you to town but you get 100 gold each time

I love the game and enjoy it but obviously since its early its bare boned, but when it gets some updates I am sure it will be great, but I would like to ask how often are updates?

Heya, We're currently building the next demo with all the 4 characters in place and finishing one of the core elements in the game. 

Here is the roadmap on what will be developed in that month. After all these are done, we're going to move to testing and then release.

We're going to divulge the frequency of the next updates by then as I am currently making 23 new Lust sprites and newer animations for the game in this period.

well holy shit....thats progress, I cannot wait!!! good luck with it

although I am confused it says july and august but it says 2019, does that mean it is already out (meaning its late) or coming next year?

It's what we're currently working in that month. It usually meant their batle sprite as I do the lust sprites in parralel with everything.

Oh that makes sense

Ever so slightly dumb question, but how do I move around in the Wyldwood? I can walk left and right, but leaving the first area is no go. I can't interact with the arrows which appear in any way :(


Android version plezzzzz

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The artstyle is wonderful, and i like the concept of the game. The game is not yet finished so ofcourse there are a few bugs, but instead of releasing a demo you should let a few testers try the game and maybe let them look for bugs, because i saw this flash by in the comments and that is that you cant re-enter the forest after youve left the game, the reason for this is the quest that the blacksmith gives at the beginning of the game, when you exit after finishing the quest you'll get the bug, but if you dont finish it and exit, the game resets the quest giving you permission to enter the forest, but im not sure if it saves the money youve earned in the forest. I also saw a few mistakes in the h scenes for example mouse's boob falling half off of her body when shes doing it with a gob, maybe you should look at that too, im pretty sure youve already heard this and are already trying to fix the problem. There are a few audio bugs with mouse's lines. I also saw kinshar made a comment about being unable to open the treasure chests, i also had this problem, but i just stood on the left side of the chest afterwards and it would work. Im not sure what the reason could be, but maybe you do. Im looking forward to the game :D, and why does Jessika sound like a guy trying really badly to sound like a girl?


Pretty fun, though I recommend an option to speed up gameplay. The animations are nice, but sometimes you want to hurry it up a little.

do you recommend speeding up option for developers or for us? you can actually speed up game using numpad (+ and -)

Oh cool! Maybe in the future have it be like, an option to just FF attack animations by holding like, z or enter or something.

The intention was to speed up gameplay, but I do hope the development goes well.


It's official. I have a crush on Mouse. If I didn't already have three supports on Paetreon, I'd totes float some money your way. Maybe next month if I have enough money now that certain items are payed off.


I found a bug: After Mouse approaching a globin and fucking him the next turn went to the Globin but he did not any action so the game get stucked in Globin's turn being impossible to do anything.

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Thanks for the feedback NeoWick. Made a report out of this feedback.

Same thing happened to me but it was Jessi

This game is actually fun. The art is great too. I'm personally looking forward to when this game is fully released. If I had the money to spend, which sadly I don't at the moment, I would certainly support you.

Thanks alot for the kind words Moon. :)

Woah I really love the character design in this

Will you be adding visibly different armor later on?

It's planned but not set in stone. We're short of  staff as I am just one guy making the art for the whole game and we're not even far out of the development yet.

We'll  tackle this issue once we get more staff or finish most of the priorities done in the future.

So sorry about that.


Hi, I really like concepts that mix sex appeal and gameplay but here, I see a major flaw in the concept.

Players will WANT to see sexy pictures and the apparition of one of them will work as a reward in your gameplay loop. I see a big opposition between the fact that people want to see the characters naked but shouldn't because it means they are loosing.

This is a common flaw in this kind of game imo and ruin a part of the concept.

omg this jessika is SO hot

I really good game but there are some big bugs in it that need to be fixed. The first one being the church. Sometimes it works, but most times it doesn't do anything and you are left with your lust being on 50% or even 100%. Jessika seemed to work a little bit, but Mouse for me never worked at all, so that's a big issue. 

Also, I read that someone else's game wouldn't let them go into the forest and that's exactly what happened to me too. Except I didn't die, I just exited the game and it wouldn't let me enter it. 

Other than that, I found the game enjoyable and I can't wait to see an updated demo or the full game. A small suggestion is to add an animation when a character enters the church and not only help people understand when their character is done, but also to add to the games since it is an erotic game. 

Comments sent to JRX. thanks alot Crane :)

Your welcome!

Are you going to make a Mac version?

Not yet set in stone as we have to have a dedicated person to test it properly and we're immensely short on staff.. We'll have more decisive answer in the future.

please accept our apologies.

I'd buy a gnu/linux version if it ever comes out too.

I know this is a demo, so this might not be a bug, but I thought I should point this out. I completed the first quest, went back into the forest and lost. I exited the game, came back and now I cannot enter the forest. I click on the icon, but nothing happens.

Thanks for pointing that out. Can you  walk us through how it happen? what are the checks? Have you completed playing out the cutscenes etc?

Same problem occurred to me. Completed intro adventure. Did some more adventuring to grind gold. Exited with [esc] clicked yes when asked if I'm sure. Tried logging back  in and cannot click woods icon. it does not highlight when you mouse over it. Will work if I start over again, but when coming back after exiting same problem.

On a different tack the treasures/interactables in the woods don't seem to have consistent activation spot to click. Sometimes I give up and continue through woods because not idea which pixel it wants me to click on.

Thanks for the feedback Kinshar. I'll see what I can do. :D

As far as I know, completing the first quest is half of the trigger. And then it's either losing a battle or exiting the game that completly triggers the bug.

Understood.  Making a detailed report out of this. Thanks Noone. :)

Was there a place we can find a demo ? I found some off some the internet, but it wasn't affiliated with your patron so I wasn't sure of it's legitimacy, is there a place we can try it from you guys ?

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I've come here from the Seeds of Chaos page. I'm not seeing a download option. Is it still in alpha?

Is there a way to play a demo of this atm?