Jessika’s Curse is a hand-painted RPG experience currently development on Patreon. Its design allows for deep turn-based combat, erotic Battle-Lust animations and good dose of geeky humor.

The core of Jessika’s Curse will be turn-based combat that marries classic Jrpg concepts with elements from more recent roguelike games such as Darkest Dungeon. All characters in the game and all their moves and Battle-Lust interactions will be animated by hand in Spine: 2D, and the ones we’ve done so far promise that the game is going to look very sweet.

We want success in combat to require a good dose of preparation and smart configuration, but will also design it to allow personal preference and playstyle to thrive. Each character in your party can equip a limited amount of skills from her pool, and it’s up to you to figure out what combinations get the job done.

The world of Jessika’s Curse is a sexy and seductive place, and many attacks don’t assault your party’s health but target their lust instead. If a girl’s lust becomes too high there is a good chance your commands will be ignored in favor of less constructive things (those boobs aren’t going to squeeze themselves...). The times when this happens it will be done via lavish hand-crafted animations. When lust gets to maximum levels enemies will use a special lust cinematic to knock the girl out in fitting H-game style.


Battle Lust
The attacks from the game’s monsters often don’t assault your party’s health, but target their lust instead. When lust gets too high the party members will succumb to their desires and start doing naughty things!

Challenging Gameplay
We’re inspired by games that offer a real gameplay challenge. Success in Jessika’s Curse will require a good dose of pre-combat preparation, as each character in your party can only equip a limited amount of skills from her pool.

A world ruled by dark Deities
The world of Jessika’s Curse is shaped by twisted Deities. Our inspiration for this comes from things like Warhammer’s Gods of Chaos, which means the game world will be filled with unnatural hentai-esque madness.

Other features
• Hand-painted characters animated in Spine: 2D
• A ton of explicit animations per party member (often involving enemies)
• Beautiful side-scrolling backgrounds in the style of Dragon’s Crown
• A town that grows in size and epicness


Patreon• Patreon is our main income source. Please consider supporting!

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Patreon• Seeds of Chaos is a free to play dark fantasy eroge made in Ren'py. It is inspired by the worldbuilding of Berserk, Dark Souls, The Witcher and other epic fantasy series.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(425 total ratings)
AuthorVenus Noire
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, NSFW, Roguelike, sexy
Average sessionA few seconds


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Is this dead? its about to be 2 years with no upates.


check the patreon

a ok

is it still in development or finished bc I'm considering signing up i loved this demo

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try the patreon version, there is a lot more than in the demo. 2 more characters on the team, list animations, and enemies. And yes it is still in development, haven't had an update on the patreon since August but I'm sure something is coming soon


I will help you people this is a demo that is why there is no new versions. You can play a new version just not from here.


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The Patreon


When's the next public release? it's been 3 years.

When will be the next update

Nice drip for Mouse.


Coming to Android?

can this game will also be at Mac at well?

will this get a steam release?

anyone knows where the save files are

i can't seem to find them

For those asking about progress follow the patreon link. It looks like progress is being made but this page isn't being updated as frequently.

When will the next update come? Since I have played this game alot a while ago but nothing new is appearing and it's multiple months ago I played

Hi mate! How are you doing? Hope you're doing well

in which folder are the saves stored


is there pregnancy


I don't know if this game is still being worked on or how how many 'major' updates it has had since the demo first released. The whole premise of having 3 games in EA seems absurd to me. I don't know if the developer, Venus Noire, has three separate teams working on the projects separately or what their situation is. Their games look appealing but having at least one completed project under your belt (even a small one) goes a long way in establishing credibility. At this rate, they should just make a webcomic.


personally their credibility is really high to me as even if they take my money and cancel the games seeds of chaos has a fuck ton of work put into it likely enough for some full hentai games to be released.


geez don't tell them that!

Well, the description of the game does say it is "handpainted", which is probably why it's taking awhile. Traditional animation is very slow.
This is assuming that isn't just the style of it and it's being done faster through some digital method, as I haven't played the demo in awhile.


I know this has already been asked but I can't find an answer; is there an Android port, if not will there be one?

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The voice actor for the 'bimbo knight' sounds like a trap for one.

The combat desperately needs a skip animation button.

this is almost a great game. i hope yall continue this title. the graphics are amazing, music is good, controls i think needed a lil finessing. but yeah excellent job devs. can i beta this game please

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Check out the patreon there is a lot more to it there

Will this game also be coming to steam?


its soooo hard to get h scenes

will this project continue to receive updates?


Please add Android version


Is rhere android version

Will Jessikas curse get a MAC  version like Seeds of Chaos? By the way your works are phenomenal. Gameplay is fantastic. Love the concepts so much.

The game needs plenty of work, but I there's potential here. The demo runs for me with only minor bugs. I've beaten the gobblins at the end and didn't think it was too terribly hard; in fact, I had to intentionally pick bad options to lose and see the hscene content. The strategy seems to be spam single target attacks because the AoE get blocked and "ranged" doesn't mean anything at all. This makes the combat a little dull because single target attacks are the only winning strat.

That being said, I hope this game is still under development. I think this could be my favorite hgame if the work is put in.

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Man, this is unplayable. Lust meter hitting 100 is like a damned stun lock. No way to reduce lust. When lust hits 100, you can only act a few times before you reach a point where you just don't get a turn and you just get to watch the goblins beat your characters to death.

Dungeon is a meandering hallway. Only one opportunity to heal in the entire dungeon and it doesn't reduce lust! Why don't you just have the statue say, "Haha! Fuck you!" I mean, it kind of already does!

You're not beating the goblins at the end of the dungeon, not a chance in hell.

I hope you're not expecting this demo to sell games. Sex can sell a lot of things, but I promise it won't sell this broken shit. It's amazing anyone would think it was a good idea to put a demo out in this state. The characters are supposed to fuck. The player isn't supposed to get raped. The fact that this game looks so good is only going to piss people off more. You might want to look into the history of successful games that had shit demos. I'm not sure any exist.

This is your marketing. You have to be out of your mind to release a demo in this state. It's like you WANT to fail.

Oh! You still can't heal in town!!! (Yeah, I read phyire's comment). Man, I'm trying to have fun. I just wasted an hour I can't get back! Screw this game.


The church replaces lust, fountain replaces some lust and the boss is possible too beat 


I have beat the goblins at the dungeon, its not worth it for the current game


bruh.....chill. its not even like i disagree with your concerns but like...fucking hell my guy.

this level of vitriol is the reason making anything is so scary:

its not just the sheer amount of work that goes into a project like this (if you think you know, then i can guarantee that you definitely have no idea. Because even us *in* the field aren't sure enough to say it with assuredness at *any* stage of its release),

its not just the fact they are probably unpaid hobby devs (passion only drives you so much, and hearing valid criticisms delivered with such spite makes continuing genuinely difficult - and when the desire to see the game made is the *only* thing driving you...maybe don't be *so* willing to destroy any dev who isn't flawless out the gate. These people aren't a AAA/AA/A studio, stop holding them to that level of polish)

not to mention that trying to share the joy of creating something to be proud of is slightly (to extremely *not* slightly) diminished by the fact its hard to discuss ero games in any circle that trust/consent hasn't been achieved. I am making an RPG accessible to all and i *still* have a hard time finding people to discuss it with that actually give a fuck.

I'm not saying don't criticize - just like....maybe chill a bit before putting your opinion down so that you don't come across as such a douchebag whose valid points get dodged before they stick.

my game froze becouse of the smoke animation directly after the introduction!!

game freezss on me when telling me about lust break. Cant seem to click next

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Demo (JCv1.0.4.4) is broke as hell. No way to heal in town, so if you reach 0 hp in the forest, you are stuck at 0hp. And since you are stuck at 0hp, all battles auto-lose at the start. Mouse's boobs detach and reattach themselves during hscenes. Once Mouse' arousal reaches 100, Jessica can no longer have a turn because Mouse skips Jessica's turn - this causes hscene loop and lose the battle back to town with 0hp - whereafter the game is essentially over because you cannot heal in town. The church also doesnt work (supposed to reduce lust).

The demo should really be playable imo. Doesn't leave a very good impression, apart from the potential the game has.


I have no Numpad on my keyboard. I cant change the monster I want to attack ...


What this game needs the most urgently is polish. Some design choices are poorly executed, and there are frequent game-breaking bugs during battle.

The worst offenders are the H scenes, which cause time-shattering mayhem for a good portion of the battle afterward: characters’ turn get randomly skipped, enemies play their turn simultaneously, or during your own character’s turn… (I’ve had occurences of two characters mutually knocking each other’s, which doesn’t sound like it should be possible.)

The battle also could use some visual clarity. The camera movements, (teleporting around whenever someone makes a move), actually makes it hard to follow what’s going on; I’d rather have a completely fixed camera. There’s also a parallax effect between the characters on the field and the field itself, making it look like they slide around whenever the camera moves.

When one of the girls is attacked, her health bars are not displayed, only the last girl to have taken a turn has hers displayed. More so, the first layer of the Lust bar does not always completely fill up when a girl reach 100+. This all just add to the confusion of the battles.

Finally, retreating from the from the forest causes you to forsake all gathered loot (as if you’d never entered to begin with), but engaging in battle and loosing lets you keep the loot ? What’s the point of retreating then ? This just makes it so the best way to gain money and prepare for a fight, is too give up on healing the girls at the monastery, give up on avoiding dangerous encounters, and just mindlessly send them back in the forest at 200 lust, until you have enough gold to fully heal them. (Which half the times, costs 100g instead of the adverstised 50g.)

Otherwise, the graphics are gorgeous; these are definitely the strongest point of the game. Having voice acting was unexpected, but very welcome and enjoyable. The Spine animations looks fine most of the time, but there are some H-scenes where something feels off. (Mostly: mouseXgoblin and Jess alone.)

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Hi, I can’t proceed through the tutorials in the wood. Whenever comes the slide about Object of Interest having Positive or Negative effects, the game seems to freeze. Nothing I can do gets me past that slide.

Edit: Figured it out. It’s just that the close button is so damn small and looks so much more like a frame ornament than a button, that I didn’t even consider clicking on it. Also it didn’t help that almost every other slides can be skipped by clicking anywhere, and not on a specific button.


This game has some huge pros: sex combat with monsters & good art. This perfectly fits my tastes. Unfortunately the gameplay balance is broken in all the worst ways in this public demo. First there are two bugs that really ruined the game, first bug was sometimes the fountains were unclickable, second bug is that sometimes the church would charge me 100g for the 50g purification. So when I was starting out I kept getting stuck in this horrible loop, basically I would lose a venture, but then I'm sent back to the town. But I wouldn't have enough money to get rid of the lust, so I would go to the forest again already lust broken and it was basically impossible to get enough money to break lust AND level up. I spent hours not really progressing.

Then I figured out a gold farming strategy that made the game really easy. Basically don't even bother with the church, don't bother with loot, don't bother with fountains. All I did was go into the forest with full lust, lose to the monsters in one turn, get 100g, and then did that again and again. Unfortunately this game unlike most sex-combat games don't have a sexy endscene on defeat, so I couldn't even enjoy that, I was straight up just grinding this game to see if I could break the loop.

I was constantly levelling up and I wasn't engaging in literally any of the game's content. Chests were almost never worth it, fights were almost always too long to be worth it. It basically became a clicker game with no strategy or challenge, the only skill needed is patience because 60% of the rooms in this game's dungeons are literally empty of content. 

So here's how IMO you could make this a fun game (and honestly it needs some pretty drastic gameplay changes.)

Firstly, SPEED IT UP, attack animations, walk speed, and opening chest animation takes forever! 

Secondly, make chests worth while. Half the time I would get nothing, the other half I would get not even enough to pay for one church session not even with the best gold pull. There should be a risk vs reward element, where if you keep searching for chests and escaping strategically to the town it should be feasible to progress without being lust broken. But since chests are just filled with dust, and you don't get gold immediately after a battle, it makes no sense to retreat because you would just lose out on the money you would get from being defeated. 

Thirdly, change how lust works. Lust has this double randomized effect, where sometimes it would just randomize the attacks, and sometimes it would just skip your turn and play an animation. RNG is important in this type of game, but you already have random dungeons, random loot, random crits, random misses, and damage ranges. When you can't even choose what move you are going to do it's not a strategical challenge anymore, it's instead a dice rolling game. I would recommend you play Dirty Dungeon to see in my opinion a very fun and balance sex combat turn-based system. 


The first mission is done now what do I do because I didn't get a sign saying the game or demo was finished and I didn't get any other mission any help?


hey, I know it might be a little too much to ask, but will you port this game to android sometime in the future ? or this game is just too big for phones ?


for some reason when i touch one of the loot chests it won't let me close that menu and it gets stuck


This is hot as fuck, wish I was one of the monsters being fucked by a sexy milf or getting fucked by a flat chested girl 


I think the biggest thing you could do to improve the game at this point is work on creating better visual clarity about the game state. You list darkest dungeon as one of your inspirations for this game, and I myself drew that connection while playing it, but there are a few things DD does that your game doesn't do quite as well and I thought I should point them out for your consideration.

First, visual clarity: with darkest dungeon, all your characters status effects are in view. You've the health bar, the stress (analogue lust) bar, status effects, and so on, always visible just under the character's sprite. Without that, it's difficult to get a good handle on what my parties current status is, especially during battle when the character portraits disappear. I feel this clarity is a must.

Second, the camera moves around a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It does so in DD too, but I find it frustrating when DD does it too much also. Not every move needs to change the camera in my opinion. This is of course just an opinion which like all the rest of my feedback, you're free to consider or ignore.

Third, the map shows too small an area for me to find useful for navigating. You don't have to take the DD approach of showing the whole map if you don't want to, but I want to know about more than the hallway or room I'm currently in.

Fourth, one of the things that makes navigating the hallways of DD easier is that your always moving left to right, regardless of whether your facing north, south, east, or west, moving right means moving forward. This is a feature you kinda implemented in that your characters are always on the left side of combat, but your character moving left to go west, while more diagetically consistent makes for confusing gameplay in my opinion.

Fifth and finally, I loved the game and look forward to whatever you choose to do with it.


I meant to include this in the original comment, but one thing I like in your game that darkest dungeon doesn't do is the visual initiative order: being able to predict which monsters will move before my next character's turn instead of being forced to guess is more fair gameplay-wise. Plus it really meshes well with the TTRPG aesthetic and mechanics you've got going on in the game.

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