Jessika’s Curse is a hand-painted RPG experience currently development on Patreon. Its design allows for deep turn-based combat, erotic Battle-Lust animations and good dose of geeky humor.

The core of Jessika’s Curse will be turn-based combat that marries classic Jrpg concepts with elements from more recent roguelike games such as Darkest Dungeon. All characters in the game and all their moves and Battle-Lust interactions will be animated by hand in Spine: 2D, and the ones we’ve done so far promise that the game is going to look very sweet.

We want success in combat to require a good dose of preparation and smart configuration, but will also design it to allow personal preference and playstyle to thrive. Each character in your party can equip a limited amount of skills from her pool, and it’s up to you to figure out what combinations get the job done.

The world of Jessika’s Curse is a sexy and seductive place, and many attacks don’t assault your party’s health but target their lust instead. If a girl’s lust becomes too high there is a good chance your commands will be ignored in favor of less constructive things (those boobs aren’t going to squeeze themselves...). The times when this happens it will be done via lavish hand-crafted animations. When lust gets to maximum levels enemies will use a special lust cinematic to knock the girl out in fitting H-game style.


Battle Lust
The attacks from the game’s monsters often don’t assault your party’s health, but target their lust instead. When lust gets too high the party members will succumb to their desires and start doing naughty things!

Challenging Gameplay
We’re inspired by games that offer a real gameplay challenge. Success in Jessika’s Curse will require a good dose of pre-combat preparation, as each character in your party can only equip a limited amount of skills from her pool.

A world ruled by dark Deities
The world of Jessika’s Curse is shaped by twisted Deities. Our inspiration for this comes from things like Warhammer’s Gods of Chaos, which means the game world will be filled with unnatural hentai-esque madness.

Other features
• Hand-painted characters animated in Spine: 2D
• A ton of explicit animations per party member (often involving enemies)
• Beautiful side-scrolling backgrounds in the style of Dragon’s Crown
• A town that grows in size and epicness


Patreon• Patreon is our main income source. Please consider supporting!

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Patreon• Seeds of Chaos is a free to play dark fantasy eroge made in Ren'py. It is inspired by the worldbuilding of Berserk, Dark Souls, The Witcher and other epic fantasy series.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(560 total ratings)
AuthorVenus Noire
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, NSFW, Roguelike, sexy
Average sessionA few seconds


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How do i interact with chests and stuff?

Should be able to just click them with mouse, I noticed a lot seemed empty and the gold filled ones require a bit of a walk away then back to pick up the gold.


This game is abandoned!


Agreed, sent them messages and everything, they've completely abandoned the title


The devs are fully committed to their bigger title "Seeds of Chaos"


Which is crazy cause that game should have exited EA 3 years ago. It's all patreon bloat at this point.


Dude it literally got updated last month, check their patreon


THIS IS THE DEMO GAME. i think  its still being uploaded on the patreon


No, it does not. The devs are fully committed for their bigger title "Seeds of Chaos"

well that ruined the rest of my day. granted its almost midnight


It got updated last month. You are correct, it's still being updated on Patreon. Lee is just a dick.

It says, yet I'm seeing 'dead game' and 'moved on' messages.

Is the game in a complete state, or would it be better to pass on this one for now?


Brother the last update was in 2021


Not dead, just patreon exclusive now


patreon exclusive but hasn't had a single post since like June of 2023. no updates or any signs of life since then


? Don't know what Patreon you're looking at, it got updated at the end of October.

love seeds of chaos, well, minus that demon guy. So gonna give this a try.

FYI, a new update was posted on the 30th of October on Patreon

what was shown in the update?

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Not much, but work on the story, some stuff on the ogre fight, and some bug fixes.

Work is slow because Jessika's Curse is a much bigger project than Seeds, and they are probably spending more time on Seeds because it is more profitable.

at this point likely, I just wish they would notify users of that blatantly beforehand. 


Is the game dead?


dev's last post on patreon was at may this year, so i would asume it is a dead game


What a shame. The game is not perfect but the idea end design are very good.

my bad, game's not dead, but it is patreon exclusive now


I don't know if it's truly dead, but the devs seem to be much more focused on Seeds of Chaos right now. Also, a lot of stuff that they want to do in this game is against Patreon's TOS. They really should have picked a different support site like subscribestar.




We need android,please!

In the intro there is missing word in text at the end consider in sentece consider suporting us.

Nice graphics, I'm giving this a try. 😯


it's a dead game or dev continue work in maj ????


Uhhh so the patreon is still giving updates.. but incredibly slowly, last update was in may (as of aug 15) so honest Idk

Such a shame that it is not playable in mobile. Hope you take care of that soon, so that we can play this good looking game. Will be following for the update...

Is this LGBT or Straight? Can't tell


it is simply horny 


Fair enough. Love horny just wanted to know to organize in a collection

all good haha, enjoyed looking through your collections by the way. the characters act horny towards whatever when they break, most interactions would be with enemies (which are typically male) but their female allies they can also interact with at times so I'd suppose LGBT through technicality 

there are lesbian scenes as well as straight scenes


Is this game going to be available for Android?? I'm already playing one of their games and have their Patreon but it doesn't seems to be for phones yet

idk what to do in the game


i alt+tabed to go and watch YouTube and all i hear is, "HELLO EVERYBODY AND WELCOME TOO"

if this game gets finished we can dream of mark getting ahold of this someday

is this game getting updated still?


Their patreon is more up to date.




not currently

Will this be update for phone users?


suprsingly meta


Hey all, to those looking for updates the author is working on new versions, they released a overhauled version of the game about 5 days ago


is that overhauled version only available for Patreons supporters?


so far from what I've seen yes sadly, I do wish the developers were more open with their communication


Post updates here instead of expecting everyone to use your patreon. 

the game is just going to look dead if you neglect profile pages like this for years.


Is this dead? its about to be 2 years with no upates.


check the patreon

a ok

is it still in development or finished bc I'm considering signing up i loved this demo

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try the patreon version, there is a lot more than in the demo. 2 more characters on the team, list animations, and enemies. And yes it is still in development, haven't had an update on the patreon since August but I'm sure something is coming soon


I will help you people this is a demo that is why there is no new versions. You can play a new version just not from here.


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The Patreon


When's the next public release? it's been 3 years.


When will be the next update

Nice drip for Mouse.


Coming to Android?

can this game will also be at Mac at well?

will this get a steam release?

anyone knows where the save files are

i can't seem to find them


For those asking about progress follow the patreon link. It looks like progress is being made but this page isn't being updated as frequently.


When will the next update come? Since I have played this game alot a while ago but nothing new is appearing and it's multiple months ago I played

Hi mate! How are you doing? Hope you're doing well

in which folder are the saves stored


is there pregnancy


I don't know if this game is still being worked on or how how many 'major' updates it has had since the demo first released. The whole premise of having 3 games in EA seems absurd to me. I don't know if the developer, Venus Noire, has three separate teams working on the projects separately or what their situation is. Their games look appealing but having at least one completed project under your belt (even a small one) goes a long way in establishing credibility. At this rate, they should just make a webcomic.


personally their credibility is really high to me as even if they take my money and cancel the games seeds of chaos has a fuck ton of work put into it likely enough for some full hentai games to be released.


geez don't tell them that!


Well, the description of the game does say it is "handpainted", which is probably why it's taking awhile. Traditional animation is very slow.
This is assuming that isn't just the style of it and it's being done faster through some digital method, as I haven't played the demo in awhile.


I know this has already been asked but I can't find an answer; is there an Android port, if not will there be one?

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The voice actor for the 'bimbo knight' sounds like a trap for one.

The combat desperately needs a skip animation button.

It can be sped up quite a bit with Num+. Says so in the bottom right

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