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We’ve just put out our latest release to our backers on time, focusing on advancing the story with around ten thousand words of new Rastedel content, with Rowan returning to the city after the events of the Battle of Astarte. The new version also introduced a new character, Nasim, who will be focused on transformation content and will be featured more over the next few months. We’ve also increased the number of CGs added each month by fifty percent,  from six to nine.

With 0.2.42 released, this means that we are making 0.2.41 available to the public. This release is another mixed bag one, as we continue to work on wrapping up the first realm, Rosaria, later in the year. It has a bunch of new events in the ruler event pool, and the tavern job event pool, while we have also added comprehensive notes in the codex to the entire Orciad event chain to help people in getting the outcome that they want. Next month, the focus will be on Rastedel.


This month we have six CGs as usual, with other ten variants, as well as one new sprite, and one new BG:

- Rowan x Alexia CG (Blowjob)
- Alexia Solo CG (Futa)
- Greyhide x Alexia (Beastman)
- Jezera x Half-Minotaur Girl CG (Shibari)
- Rowan x Mystery Woman CG (Vanilla)
- Andras & Batri x Rowan CG (Gay)
- Mary Sprite
- Grand Lodge Background


As mentioned earlier, this release has two new ruler event, focused around sexual scenes with both Jezera and Andras. In addition, we also have eight tavern job events, including a new sex scene between Jak and Indarah.

We also spent some time making edits to the Greyhide x Alexia scene, to address the concerns of people who felt that it was too rushed. At a future date, we will be introducing another scene featuring stretching, that will precede it, and hopefully, solve this issue.

This month we have four new sex scenes:

- Jezera x Rowan (Handjob)
- Jezera x Rowan (Femdom, Denial)
- Andras x Rowan (Gay, Exhibitionism)
- Jak x Indrah (Rough sex)

Version 0.2.41 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Windows / Linux, Mac, and Android here. Please consider supporting us on Patreon.     

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Mar 03, 2019

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