Version 0.2.34 Now Public

RELEASE 0.2.34

We just released version 0.2.35 to our backers, which focuses on our first recruitment narrative, the Orciad. In this ongoing event, the player must recruit a large tribe of orcs by deciding which potential ruler to support; the current aging chief Ulcro, the young violent upstart Batri, or the conniving and underhanded female Tarish.

We have completed three routes, each with their own outcomes and sex scenes, and that release will be available to the public at the end of the month when the new backer release is ready. For now, as usual, we are making the previous release, 0.2.34, public.


We have six unique CG’s added this month, featuring a ton of characters.

Included are:
- Rowan indulging in some of the village girls
- Rowan going to town on a rough orc woman
- Jezera doing the naughty with Shaya
- Jezera with a slave girl together with Helayna
- Cliohna servicing Rowan
- And one of my personal favourites: Alexia with the tentacle monster Wulump!


On the more practical side of things we have a new sprite for Jak, who appears in tavern job events, and three new outfits for Alexia.



This month sees everyone’s favorite dark Dwarf Skordred getting some love. There are 3 new ruler events that include Skordred, of which one has a sexual option. There is also a repeatable sex scene with the shortstacked Cla-Min, and one new abbey event.


The Orciad has also been expanded. You can now make repeat visits to Lady Delane’s tent, allowing you to get to know her better, and earn her trust. Batri’s route has been updated, allowing you to corrupt Lady Delane, and reclaim her from Ulcro (includes two sex scenes). Lastly Tarish’s route has been updated, allowing you to collect the quest items required, and convince Lady Delane to trust you.

Version 0.2.34 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Windows / Linux here, and for Mac here. Please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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