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Welcome to the monthly release update for Seeds of Chaos! While we’ve always updated Patrons on the contents of every release, the way we presented this information wasn’t all that exciting. Since we’re proud of the work we put into the game, we figured it made sense to properly showcase what we do each month. 

As such we’ll do a monthly in-depth post that touches on everything we’ve added to the game. Keep in mind that these posts will contain spoilers (but nothing too major).

RELEASE 0.2.30
You may remember that I said a few months earlier that I was temporarily suspending public releases while we overhauled the UI, because I didn’t want to release a public version while it was a work in progress. The good news is, the UI overhaul is now complete (and looks pretty great if you ask me), and because it took three months, the new public release has three month’s worth of content. 

As of this month, we’ll be returning to our usual schedule, releasing the previous backer release when we release the new backer version, but for now, enjoy this bumper sized one.   

Almost every screen in Seeds of Chaos has received visual updates and improvements. Listing the changes would bore anyone to death, so I’ll just spam some images to showcase the new direction. 

We have fifteen unique CGs added this month, featuring a ton of characters. 

Included are: 
- Four with Rowan and his submissive secretary, the elf, Liurial
- Two that feature Alexia with the wulump, a tentacle beast
- Three CGs of threesome fun featuring Greyhide
- Indarah, the tavern owner, in her first CG
- And more!

Due to the amount of content in this release, it would take too long to list everything, but importantly, the update includes fourteen new sex scenes. We’ve also finished off all the content for the narrative related to Helayna’s escape from the castle - Rowan can now choose to help her escape, and the punishment for Alexia if she is caught now includes four weeks in the dungeons (each with its own sex scene), and the option to have Rowan punish her instead. For those of you who choose to keep Helayna at the castle, we have also added ruler events that deal with the aftermath.

We’ve also added more new ruler events, new events to the Orciad explore pool, allowing you to learn more about the camp, as well as a number of new resource events for villages, mines, and abbeys, including a sex scene featuring a nun, which is sure to be the first, and not the last! 

That’s it for today’s update! If you haven’t played Seeds of Chaos for a while, the game now receives monthly updates for backers with at least five CGs and fifteen thousand words of new content, and includes:

- Over three hours of linear game play, with more including optional content
- Over two hundred and fifty thousand words of content
- Over seventy Ruler events, over forty map events, and over fifty resource events
- Over sixty sex scenes
- Five choosable jobs for Alexia, each with their own unique events
- Over ninety unique CGs (and over one hundred and sixty including variations)

Version 0.2.30 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Windows / Linux here, and for Mac here. Please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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