Now Available On Steam!

We're been working hard to get to this point- and now we're here!
Seeds of Chaos is officially available for purchase on Steam, with a 10% launch discount!


Even if you don't buy it, please consider doing the following to help out, as we would really like the release to go well:

Visit the page - Check out the game! Consider picking up a Steam copy?

Wishlist the game - Again, even if you don't intend to buy it, just wishlisting can help show your support!

Leaving a review - If you do buy the game, please consider leaving a positive review. These really help!

Spreading the word - Sharing the link on any forums, discord servers, or social media platforms that you think might be interested would also really help us a lot. Also if you are a streamer, please consider playing the game.

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BE CAREFUL! Read whatever agreements you have with Steam carefully. Doing things like asking people to visit the page and/or wishlist the game to boost its algorithmic value may be violations of your agreement. I know that Youtube has deleted channels for asking viewers to click on ads, for instance. Valve's relationship with porn has been shaky and they may not need much of an excuse.

I'll absolutely go leave you a review, though. Gratz!

Thanks- updated the post a little bit so that it's just a general, more vague, "hey help us out!" statement. All of these things are still welcomed and appreciated!

Oops, made a promise I couldn't keep. I've never used Steam's user review system before and either I'm blind, or it isn't possible to leave a review without a Steam purchase. I'll be sure to pick it up at some point and leave a review.

Is the game on Steam a complete game or just an incremental version from what has been posted here??

It's in Early Access- the full game isn't done yet, anywhere. It's not the latest build, but rather the one before it. However- it is further than the public build.

Thank you.

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A question - does steam version of your game include porn? Because Steam and adult content is something I'm not used to see there. If yes - I plan to buy it ;). If not - I despise censorship of any type, so if you could clarify it, I would appreciate it ;). 

It does! Steam has changed their rules on adult content and you can actually indeed find porn games on there now!