Page Update- Steam Early Access

Hi guys! For those that aren't aware, we're currently Coming Soon for Steam Early Access! If you like the game and want to support us, but don't like the idea of a monthly recurring subscription, perhaps consider checking out our page on Steam? Every wishlist helps!

Additionally, we updated and overhauled the page in light of this new release and our big marketing push! We also updated our website, which we're also excited about. Anyways, keep and eye out for more updates coming to the game, as well as for our launch on Steam!

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will the steam version be censored in any way? im out of the loop with their stance on 18+ games


I'll be able to buy the full game on or only Steam?

I don't like Steam...they can remove 18+ games for no reason.

I prefer or Jast or Mangagamer for my Adult games.

The full game will not be available on itch until it is completed- the Steam release is Early Access. We've had the game and it's content reviewed by the folks at Valve- they've approved us, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about on that side of things.

Okay ^^

Thank you :)