​Jessika's Diary #17 - February Development Update

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to this month's development diary. Last month, we laid out what we will be adding in the near future, and today, we will be sharing the progress we have made on that workload since we last spoke. 

First up - the shop event. We held a poll for our backers to decide the design of the shopkeeper, and they chose D, as seen below with his trusty pack-mule / slave. He looks a bit too Dickensian for my tastes, personally, but the fans have spoken. :)

Jr. X has been busy with the code required to power the shop, and we've already added all the preparation on the backend, so we should be able to share it with you in the near future. But for the time being, here is a mockup of how it will look when it is in-game, as well as the concept art for some of the items that will be available to purchase.

We have also been working hard on solving the lust problem by adding a static generation function. I originally imagined the pink mist to cover the entire dungeon, but it became problematic in terms of balance, so instead medium and high levels of the mist will appear in "trap rooms", causing the party to gain lust as they traverse it. Jr. X has already added this to the game, and we are currently futzing with it before implementing FX but again, Sommy has knocked up some concepts of what it will look like. 

As mentioned, we are also adding a couple more objects of interest to add a bit more variance to runs, and again, you can see the concept art for those below. 

Finally, we talked a lot about changes the NPC system in the last dev diary, and we are currently not working on those yet, as it is by far the biggest task, and we wanted to get the stuff above added first. However, Sommy has been working on the concepts for the first random spawning NPC, which you can see below. 

That's all for today. A much more visual update than the previous diary, but as you can see, a lot is being worked on. We've also been tweaking with a bunch of other things, including finally implementing range to combat as it was intended. As usual, we'll be putting out a build to the backers when everything is functioning as intended to get feedback, but until then, they can expect more brothel animations from Sommy in the near future. 

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Purchased and downloaded but error on open everytime. Its like it can't use unity. But other games work


Can we get a rough estimate of when the update will be finished?

There's was no change on voice actor right?

Voices will be added once we've made a signifant stride over the story part of the game. for now it's on the backburner.

I mean the first one 

Hopefully not but it's entirely dependent on her availability and if she's still interested when the time comes.