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hey, i was just wondering if theres any way for me to avoid being attracted to women. im a trans gay man and im afraid this game may spark some dysphoria. i hear that from the start you have a wife and it kind of makes me uncomfortable.


Not that I'm aware of, at the start. 

 it's been a while however I remember rejecting intimate scenes with women at every turn, including the wife, and Rowan ended up confessing women just don't do it for him i think it was a scene with a fox girl or something?  ... But yea, at the beginning it's written as the mc being flat out straight witha wife and everything but that can change. Idk if it's still a thing though. I hope it is havent played in a while.. (im a gay transman too so i understand a bit where you're coming  from) i hope this makes sense its really late 


You're a trans gay man, and you think the *game* might spark some dysphoria? ... just lol


I stopped playing this after the first week, why? Because I felt  that the MC didn't even care to meet his wife again. It dosn't even matter if you agree with the twins to meet her again, MC don't even ask them to let him meet her. 

Maybe i'll try it again at some point, maybe I don't.

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could anyone give me a guide or tell me how I should go about not getting a bad ending at week 60 ? I got every building to level 1 and made the hall level 2. I only had one village (I thought I captured the others until around week 30 when I saw I only had one which may explain how long it took to make money). I also only went to Keep Reave at week 59 and for some reason they said I took the keep despite I only just left it.

I would like to know what building I should upgrade and how I should go about not losing at week 60. Please could someone help me with that (I ask about which buildings do I don’t waste money, also maybe advice for which research to do (I focused on the 40 ones a bit). And which building allows me to take the Drikers (may have misspelled that).

I would like advice since I can’t find any walkthroughs or guides in it. So the advice would be much appreciated.

Edit: I am using my old android phone to make some strategies to use on my laptop version of the game. I am being more careful and deciding to try and take Raeve Keep as soon as possible (not sure how long since I need to infiltrate it which I saw needs a spy which requires the brothel, which requires dark subterfuge, and that requires Opulance so a total of a hundred moves before I can take it.

What research and building do I need to get Driders ? I ask since I never could get them the first time I played through (shockingly in my first test one those soldiers were quick and got rid of the first nest at week 3 (the week where you see Alexia again is when the my destroyed it, I think that is week 3) which shocked me since normally I had until like turn 12 until it was gone (reloaded a couple times and it was always around that week so seeing the nest destroyed at week 3 is kinda making me think I am screwed early on (kinda like in XCOM when I lost my first two majors in a story (given I had one bring up the rear and he didn’t escape in time)).

Also I think this time I got two villages (the one by the nest I mentioned was destroyed (the village to the south of the portal), I think I captured it since I stuck to the plan and didn’t let the Orc take it.

New Edit: Finally completed the first quota but I still don’t have the 500 gold (at least I don’t think I do, the turn prior I had like 370 and just took Raeve Keep 2 turns prior. I still don’t know what research and building I need for the Driders (still upset I lost them). Could anyone tell me about how to get them ?

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i followed this links

I hope it helps you

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thank you for letting me know, but none of those let me know how to build the breeding pit to get the Driders. I am guessing it is behind a research but I don’t know which it is behind (I am starting to think it is behind the military stuff).

Edit: I managed to not get a game over, I took Reave Keep probably a few turns before the point that led to the game over. I built the Tavern first, then the Dark Sanctum, then the Forge, and then the brothel, the arena came after the deadline. I also only spent money when I needed to, I forget the order of research I did.

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You need to seek an alliance with the orc camp in the far north west of the map. It will take several turns revisiting camp this to finally get it, and for this you need to free/corrupt/convince the noble woman Delane for anything to happen (explore the camp a few times and you'll find her location). This is the only requirement for not getting a game over at turn 60 I believe

You will need to get one of the 3 sides to ally with you. Otherwise you will still have the game over at week 60

For the driders, you need to research monster breeding, after that you can build a breeding pit. You will be introduced to a new servant, Draith, who will take care of the driders and who will raise the drider eggs that you can get at various places on the map

Can anyone help to corrupt delane... it mentions requires available spy....where can get the plz....any clue

Brothel, spies are gotten from the brothel.

How to unlock sex scene of Andras Alexia Rowan and jezera .....all four having sex at same time

Do research that unlocks brothel

How i can complete the orcs camp

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Did you not want to publish your game in google play store?


Is there going to be a steam version for macOS?

Yes, It may take awhile though but it is planned in the future as Mac is rather strict with steam. :) that said, I do think the patreon one has a mac build if you are subscribed.


if i buy the game on steam, can i play more than 60 weeks? or will continue only 60 weeks?

there are more or less 8 versions ahead of this and there will be more coming next month. so yeah it'll exceed 60 weeks. 

Side note: insofar as I know, this build already surpasses week 60.

You can play more than that..... i m not 466 week still missed some scenes

I have a question is the android version apart of patron? Because that is what i use and I can't seem to find any info on if the android version is on patron or not.

There is an android version on our patreon tiers.

Time to get on Patron for this game

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Hi, first of all I have to say that your game is really amazing, it's very detailed and rich with content without being just another nsfw game.

But I'm having trouble with Rowan's upgrades. When it comes to skills and feats, armour and everything that needs him to upgrade I can't do it! I got to add some points and choose which feat I want but no matter what I do I can't get the option to it again. It just doesn't appear. I'm on week 26 I think.

I also have about 250 gold yet I don't know where to spend it! I would be able to buy something from Cal-Min but besides that very first option to either buy something from her or buy an upgrade for the castle, I can't get any purchasing options with her.

and I also can't get the minotour to forge me anything, he says he can't spare iron and if I can find more he'll make me something, but every iron amount I find goes directly to the forge. And he tells me the same thing!

The game is undergoing a major mechanic overhaul. it will change some functions by the time it's done.

You can read all about it here:


Where can I find a guide? Because I always finish dead after the limits of days.

Who's the white wolfman you meet in the plains, and does he have a scene?



Is there a guide for him?

Guys please help me 

How to go to Rastedel?

Guys pleas help

how to pass the second quest?

Interesting game. Is there a difference between the steam version and the one here on

Steam is further updated, also as noted by the developer only the Steam and Patreon versions will be updated. If you're worried about it, the Steam version is not censored. 

Thanks for the reply. It's surprising that steam would allow ergo-content on its services now but it's a start!

im runing into a bug of some kind, im in loop and not letting me progress i about to take the city but it not letting me im on week 193 any help?? 


Wont let me take the city


i keep getting the enternal prisoner ending and dont know what i did wrong


I'd actually like to buy these types of games on here and not Steam. I was about to buy the game on itch, but that doesn't seem to be an option. Hopefully it will be in the near future.


I wonder how you can see all the scenes in the game

So no more updates here? Since there’s been 2 updates in Steam and Patreon, while here it’s still in Sept.

The public demos are no longer being updated- there's enough here to give you a good idea of the game, in order to unlock more content please consider supporting us on Patreon or Steam!

For some reason, I can't find this on Steam. Do you know if the game has been restricted in certain area?


I dont think it is but I think there is a toggle you need to check before you can browse adult games on steam.


There's a lot of interesting mechanics here, especially for a visual novel. I've never been disappointed by the fact that being the good guy is the easier route in most games, but seeing a game that is trying to buck that trend is interesting. I do wish the principled option didn't predictably lead to a game over, because that does feel like a missed opportunity to have an alternate campaign where the twins have taken everything over and you lead a resistance. I understand that would be a good amount of work to do, though, so I don't blame you if you just don't want to do that. 

I don't mind seeing the wife character sleeping with other people, and I would like Rowan to be able to sleep with other people as well, but I don't want them doing that without explicit permission from each other to open their relationship, for story immersion/roleplaying purposes. I'd like to have the option to see them give each other that permission very early on, ideally in the opening section of the game before everything kicks off.


Also, the death scene for the elder felt very rushed. It happened and then it was over, and it didn't seem to affect Rowan very much, I mean there's not even an option to discuss it with his wife. It just felt like it should have more impact outside of that one scene.


I don't know how much of this game I actually will play, because I really do not like playing the bad guy in games, but the idea of trying to remain good in a bad situation does sound reasonably compelling, so we'll see.


So happy about this being on steam.
Been playing this for over an year, glad it's doing well, now that it's on steam can get auto updates
Just wanted to know if you prefer to buy from steam for publicity or patreon directly?

so uh, the thing changed and we are getting a steam version soon, is it gonna get an update with it? I thought it wasnt finished?

The Steam version is Early Access- we'll be releasing more content for it as we go, just like the Patreon version! The Patreon version will receive more frequent updates, the Steam version has cloud saves and eventually we would like to add achievements & trading cards.


ah that makes sense, glad it has arrived at steam, the censorship hell lol

The game is uncensored.

Steam does Uncensored porn now.


Wow, the history is so well written, the characters stances didn't cease to amaze me! Looking foward to new releases. :)


how do i increase my diplomacy?


Is there anything related to MalexMale here?


yes, a big part of the cg is male x male

After week 60, Rowan is killed. Did I miss something?

Yeah! Go to Rastedel, the big city on street north then east! Go there many times and be sure to do all the quests there :)

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So week 1 I come across an abbey and the cutscene mentions someone named “Cliohna”. The dialogue seems to imply I should know who that is, but I haven’t been introduced to her and she doesn’t have an entry in the codex. Am I encountering a scene out of order or should I know who this is?

Edit: After encountering her after week 3 I understand that the scene doesn’t take into account if you’ve seen her yet.


i cant past the first quest :C

How i conquer Rastedel after the 3 weeks? I have this objective in the throne room and I don't know what to do

Can't yet. They are still working on that part of the story.

I had to re-download the game today, because I got an error message about a missing file. After downloading the updated version, I got the same message about a missing exe file. can someone please help?

how to get the driver attack

Failed the first task. I feel stupid.


Small request. Since we get more Jezera and Alexia, can we also get more Andras and Rowen? *eyebrow wiggle*


Mini Walkthrough Made by yours truly–

This has the stats in the game and some of the errors for the game.

i love you.



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Love this. Nough said. So happy for the gay options to. (though I wish for more) xD

how long would it take for the game to finish?

how to pass week 60

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