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How i conquer Rastedel after the 3 weeks? I have this objective in the throne room and I don't know what to do

Can't yet. They are still working on that part of the story.

I had to re-download the game today, because I got an error message about a missing file. After downloading the updated version, I got the same message about a missing exe file. can someone please help?

how to get the driver attack

Failed the first task. I feel stupid.


Small request. Since we get more Jezera and Alexia, can we also get more Andras and Rowen? *eyebrow wiggle*


Mini Walkthrough Made by yours truly–

This has the stats in the game and some of the errors for the game.

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Love this. Nough said. So happy for the gay options to. (though I wish for more) xD

how long would it take for the game to finish?

how to pass week 60

I don't know if it's a bug or if the content is not yet released, but i'm on week 180... and i  think i explored the whole map, i aready rescued the noble from the orc camp and i don't know what else to do, my resources are very limited and i can't continue playing because nothing happens, what do i do? 

I read your Patreon post. I'm unable to become a Patreon, but I'm not against one-and-done purchases.

By the way, I already made a small donation to Seed of Chaos about a year ago. I'm willing to do the same with your other games.

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