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Don't waste your time.

Beautiful game, but voices are cringe AF. They sound very forced, and not natural at all. 

Honestly, though. This game is gorgeous. Art is 9/10. One complaint would be that some interface text/numbers are way too small, and very hard to read. Besides that, the interface design stands toe to toe with any comparable RPG from the 90s. It's clean, and well laid out, contrast between text and background needs work, though.

Static art is very aesthetic, but active animations, and the general style of sprites could be improved. Animation of sprites feels reminiscent of cheap mobile games. I think with as beautiful as this game is, the sprites are a weak spot. 

Interface interactions feel smooth and snappy, however the "X" to close the windows are not always in the same spot, depending on the type of window. It would be much more intuitive to make closing dialogue/notification/interface windows the same. Also, transitioning between parts of the map is confusing, as the characters stop moving, but require continued input to finally transition to the next area. I would like to see either a brief animation of them moving into the next area, or a more instant transition or prompt. 

Additionally, when moving through vertical map areas, it's not always obvious which way you just came from. It would be a good idea to make it more obvious which area you just came from, and which direction you want to go/haven't been yet

I think a focus should be on improving the interface readability, getting voice actors that fit the characters more accurately, and improving sprite animation. Everything else seems really well done.

Hello, I see that the windows version is for 64-bit system, is it possible that there will be a version 32-bit system?

Hi, i see down here you saying there was too early to say if the game comes to steam or not. But i'm very anxious to buy and support this beautiful work, you already have a answer ?

ps: sorry for bad english


We'll consider that once we have made a substantial stride to the game's progress. it will take awhile the project only has 1 artist and one programmer working on it.

don't see the time to launch, i wish the very luck and keep the good work

nice game.


and theres a bug If your girls lust lvl is full and u go into battle they will get knocked out and the game will freeze


i suggest when jessika or mouse fucks a goblin or shroom i think there health should go down because sometimes when people or beings have sex with another they kinda feel exhausted


This game is okay. The gameplay is weird, the pacing is no the best, but the art is actually outstanding except for that weird stuff with Jessica's helium balloons. The sex sequences are legitimately arousing and high quality.

It's weird that the player is rewarded by losing at the game, so by playing well, upgrading your characters, and defeating enemies, you don't get to watch any scenes...? I feel like it would be better if the sex scenes were rewards or just more frequent such as giving the heroes attacks which sexually assault enemies to deal damage or apply status effects, giving heroes buffs which start a sex sequence solo or between heroes, or making the heroes models actually go through stages of undress as they accumulate stress lust then go nude or at least make their model more fappable when they hit lustbreak.

I'll be straight with you and say that it's hard to actually work to a climax in this game because the player has such little control over when the sex happens despite those sex sequences being so good. This is like playing Darkest Dungeon, but after 15 minutes of playing, I start opening hentai haven for 30 second intervals once or twice per fight.


Game's good just hope you guys would get female Voice actors

Bug in the city Church:  the first character you put through the base-level (only available) lust removal spends the 50 gold and has the appropriate amount removed.  The SECOND character you put through the process AUTOMATICALLY spends 100 gold (if you have it) and has twice as much removal, whether that is what the player wanted or not!  I'm not sure if switching back and doing it a third time spends 150 and triples lust removal but it wouldn't surprise me.

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It would be really nice if the party faced the direction they were actually going instead of always facing right when idle.  Mirror-imaging the sprites (and identifying when that should or should not be done) can't be that difficult of a task. 


It would also be REALLY nice if returning to town recovered a SMALL amount of lust and HP (say, equivalent to hitting up the fountain in the forest).  Because otherwise, once you're dead, you pretty much stay that way, even though you are curiously able to walk around town and do things.  If a character is at or near 200% Lust (pretty much guaranteed after a crawl through the Wyldwoods), it takes three trips to the church (at 50 gold per trip!) to get them clear... 300 gold all told if both are in that status!  And a GOOD run can maybe net the characters half that, at current drop rates.  Or 1/3rd of that for the "you died" consolation prize.


Hope it gets released in Android. :)


Can't understand why you'd make a game with female characters and voice them with male voices.

Kinda kills the reason to put females on the screen in the first place.


Just gave the demo a try:

Story: A Bimbo Knight and a Flat-Chested Thief go on a quest in the forest. That's pretty much it... let's be honest. You've seen these girls before, in other games of this genre. (6.5/10).

Gameplay: Actually pretty decent. The upgrade menus are a bit awkward in that it's hard to figure out if any upgrades are worth picking over others, and a hint about preparing your multi-target attacks would have been nice. The combat is enjoyable, but it was kind of annoying to see that pretty much every enemy would use lust attacks and there is no way to prevent lust buildup, because there is no way to decrease lust outside of town. (7.5/10)

Artwork: It's decent. The gallery was pretty nice. (8/10)

I would highly recommend cutting out the voice acting. The current voices are not fun to listen to.


Please for the love of god, get an actual female voice actor.


stfu asshole


I can't even view the different places in town


The game stops at Object of interest.


Please release a Mac version :3

wait there is no mac version now? I swore originally there was. Jeez this is the second game I have seen do this


So glad you're still working on this. Don't give up. I think you're onto something special here :) 


We're not giving up. in fact we're currently cleaning what we currentlyhave now.

is the game finished??


I love this demo, Thinking about supporting on Patreon but I have to ask. Are you guys dead set on this difficulty level? Damage costs Grossly outweigh loot drops. I keep going bankrupt on lust removal even with minimal or no upgrades. I want to buy & play this game, but I got much further in D Dungeon before quitting. This is not a challenge it's futile. Is there any chance you may tone it down or have an easier mode?


There will be a new demo on the upcoming months. it has been a painful process way but we're currently finished balancing hoops and adding newer contents for the next demo.  :)

I have no idea on how easy it will be since i just mainly do art and dificulty can be quite relative to each individual. 

we'll see how it goes when it's done. :)

Congratulations on the art work. You did an excellent job! I freaking love the look of this game. your art is the main reason I just became a Patreon backer. Even the walking / fight animations are mesmerizing. Cant wait to see what else is in store.


Thanks for the kind words , Dyn! :) 

  It may be an uphill battle but I do my best. :)

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I'm interested in this game too, love the art.  From the web demo what I played I agree with @MrDynamite.  The difficulty level seems high.  First mission I ended up just getting beaten (by the last remaining goblin) got 40 gold and my two characters with 200 lust.  Given it takes 50 gold to remove 50 lust I can see that sending me broke fast.  
I'd suggest maybe10-20% less lust damage from enemies.  Gold drops from defeating enemy parties (not just the gold you find along the way) and halve the costs of lust removal eg 25 gold for 50 lust.  That would be a starting point to see if it helps balance.

I'll check out your next demo and if  I like the balance better I'll likely join as a backer.  Again love the art.

Nothing wrong with difficult, but the whole tutorial introduction I would consider making less misleading. Feel as it's heavily implied with first sorta intro missing coming from Blacksmith that your supposed to spend your money upgrading there. While Fighters guild or whatever it's called only given a brief look over. If you spend your money into buying about lvl 3-4 with character and buying 1 upgrade up in prime ability you plan on using. Game is not hard, but if you spend money on soley buying upgrades at blacksmith your gonna get squashed out playing through the forest.

So maybe problem is more to ease and make sure players fully realise their options. Nice demo btw, my one small gripe with is that it feels a little there not middle ground. Either you play to survive and spend money into upgrade to beating enemies, without much sex happening since those situations are something seems only to happen with high lust. So seems you intuitively try avoid getting there because it's so costly to lower. That or you simply play to lose and take money you can recover from losing and getting back to town, seems to be no real mechanic for utilizing sex as a means to win too.

But then again if you just go to lose and get naughty fun happening, the purpose of looking for treasure kinda go away. If purpose become to lose to see actual sex happening, so kinda wish there were some mechanic for choosing either more Virgin knight route and try survive without defeat, or the more bimbo or slutty route and utilizing the lust as a mean to fight battles somehow. Anyways just a thought enjoyed the demo overall


Please release an android version


+1 vote from me




Just a bit more. I'm almost done  with the animations.

D: yaaay TwT


it plays a little like one of my favourite games: Darkest Dungeon. The lust system works like madness and i am HERE for it! It plays really well!! i'd love to see it on android too but for now, i may have to support some later versions of this when i have some money again because this is AWESOME! <3


Seems like the parallax is a bit off.
The things on the foreground move slower than the ones further away =P
Also im not a fan of the voices... but oh well
Great game!


Well battle is a mess, takes to long to do anything with these long animations.


You can increase the speed with the + and - from the num pad


Are all characters 18 or older?


they are fictional...


That has not even once worked for animals lovers, furries, or when your mother seen you playing a shooting game.

And lets be real. Every animated/anime-like character is under 18 with caveats of lying, being ancient but imprisoned in a younger body, or just an overly large boob size for their age. trollololol

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Couldn't exit the Blacksmith after buying a bunch of gear at the start of the game. Pressed every key and clicked everywhere. Even tried dragging the characters off screen. ESC works though.

Can't stand Jessika's voice, you can really hear the man.

Try dialing the graphics level down.  I find that reduces (though not entirely stops) the instances of game soft freezing -- which can happen on any screen, if you play long enough.  Maybe a memory leak somewhere?

This is very promising, the only thing I do find a bit frustrating is how much lust the enemies can deploy, I had goblins give me 18 points of lust , and it happened constantly, getting to 100 lust points by turn 3 and having to leave the dungeon by the beginning of the 3rd battle.  

It also seems strange that you cannot lust the creatures in some way, especially since they take no damage when I fuck them.

It just seems to be a bit off balanced for the first mission/ dungeon of the game, I know it is framed to be damaging like Darkest Dungeon, but there are a few ways to counter it along with for most "easy" and mid tier dungeons the fear dealt would not usually be 1/5 of your total nor is there more than 4 people attacking. Just a small input for it.


Is this game going to be on steam like your other game?


Too early to say for now.

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A LOT of work still to be done (which is understandable). But this is VERY VERY promising. Hopefully we get to hear Jess, Mouse (and other to be included female characters) moans and orgasms in the future 

The gameplay foundation is there, just very rough but still decent overall. And the sex scenes, aside from lack of voice, are hot. 

Hopefully you'll finish this :D

BTW... Jessikas sounds like a MTF Transgender... Which I'm starting to find pretty hot actually :D 

Love the art choice. Dragon Crown is such a great game so nice to see it's one of your influences. 


Got Jessikas voice is not fitting with the looks of her character and besides, why cant i turn them off? Cause i basicly love Darkest Dungeon and this seems to be a parody of it sooooooooo... I would play it if i had the ability to turn them off

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Its a pitch shifted voice =P
I hope the idea is to get some voice actresses later on to dub the characters


I always cringe with the voices but aside from that, this game is quite enjoyable 

nice design!  why can't lock enemis?

You can choose which enemy you want to hit by clicking on it -- assuming its on-screen.    Large mobs may have one or more enemies out of sight, attackable only when all the rest are dead.  Of course, if your characters Lust Break (as they inevitably will), they will tend to start ignoring your input and do something random instead, at which point, just click anything because it just doesn't matter any more ;)

I think the only issues I've seen so far are that sometimes damage numbers don't quite match up with damage dealt, more so against the enemies than against the player character (e.g. 25hp mushroom takes 24 dmg but still dies), Jessika's Taunt not always actually forcing enemies to target her resulting in a low hp Mouse getting ganged up on by taunted enemies, and Jessika's dash move not hitting all enemies, especially noticeable when in a battle with two enemies where one is more in the foreground and the other in the background (maybe I misunderstand how this move is meant to work, but it seems to only affect anything her model comes in contact with). Outside of those, I'm very much enjoying the game and am very much looking forward to where you go with it!

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I hope you don't mind if this is a bit long-winded as a comment.

First, I want to say wow. This game's production values are quite high! I think my eyes were wide open during the entire play session to say the least!

The overall concept of the game is interesting. Adventurers go on adventures where lewd stuff can happen. With a title like Jessika's curse I can see that there's going to be some kind of overarching narrative though. I wish you luck on the game as a whole!

Now about the gameplay experience as a whole.

First the hub world:

It looks beautiful, and the NPCs are brimming with personality.

When I was thrown into the hub city and the message said to explore, I thought I would be clicking on buildings since that's where an ! point was. Turns out you can only navigate the town using the icons at the bottom left. I don't think that's very intuitive. I think if an area has a quest, instead of showing the marker via the in-world location it should be shown via the icon, OR you should be allowed to navigate the town by clicking on the buildings.

You can't tell what the skills are in the skill upgrade menu. You only see icons but not what they actually do. Maybe hovering over the icons should give you more details?

You cannot re-enter the forest after defeating the boss. Don't know if that's a bug or intentional though.

I'm also not a fan of the lack of sound effects when interacting with buttons and the like. This part shouldn't be too hard but I hope you guys don't neglect it.

Oh also the Church doesn't have a current location tag.

Regarding the menus themselves,

I don't think the designs are very future proof. I haven't seen a scrolling menu at all. So will there only be 8 levels to increase your weapon by? Is it just a weapon and armor for equipment? What happens if a user has 20 skills?

Also when I was trying to level up to 4 while I had 200g and the cost was 200g I couldn't do it. Is the cost calculation g > cost or g >= cost?

When it comes to exploration I have a few things to say as well.

Currently, all movement is designed with moving "right" in mind. When they stop they stop facing right. The camera is always facing right as well, but there seems to be times when the game wants you to move left.

The times you move left, I was feeling that the camera being so right-centered was wasting screen space with information I didn't want.

The parallax on the last layer is also incorrect. The last layer of parallax should always be centered on the camera. From a programming perspective it moves the most, but from a visual perspective it shouldn't move AT ALL. Always where the background is. Your first and second layer parallax is perfect though.

Before I get into combat, I'd also like to mention the battle transition. I think it's interesting that you guys are aiming to have the battles happen right there on the field. If that's the case though I think the enemies shouldn't just appear as they do now. Maybe jump out of the background or at least fade in.

Also, the treasure chests stay on the minimap after you open them? I understand the enemy icons staying if the combat is recurring, but the chests don't make much sense to me.

Now Regarding Combat:

It's very straightforward and simple. I'm actually not a fan of super simple combat systems but complexity usually comes with time and this is just a demo so I don't mind. There are a few errors/bugs I'd like to address but I'll save those for last. First a general flow conversation. Right now the flow is to click on the enemy, then click on the skill to use. I think maybe the reverse would work for a faster battle flow. Especially if you can choose which skill to use with the numbers. So press 1,2,3, or 4 then click on the target. Some skills don't even need targets so choosing a target first is moot right.

I'm also not sure I like if I can't tell the numerical value of how much damage I'm taking. Usually if you show damage numbers, you'll show the actual HP in number format somewhere so you can better strategize. I don't think the current display is very helpful when it comes to planning strategies.

Also regarding the turn order, I don't think you need to show turns of people who have already gone. If the active turn window is scrolling left, then I think the active position should be the far left. There's no value in knowing who has already gone.

Overall the combat is fine otherwise... I'll mention my personal suggestions later, but I'll now be talking about the bugs I found.

During relatively long battles, turn order got a bit messed up. Sometimes two enemies acted at the same time, even though I never saw that before. I appreciated it since it made enemy turns go by a bit faster, but I feel like it might've caused some errors at well. At some point it became my turn before the enemy even finished returning to their starting positions.

Not only that but enemy positioning on the map didn't look good at times.

The enemy on the far right is on top of the building?

Mouse is on top of the rocks? Visually it doesn't look good in my opinion.

The camera also overextended at times and just made everything look aweful (on the left and right side of course.) A simple clamp should fix this when it comes to the camera though.

I noticed you were doing this strange thing where the character's positions weren't absolute in battle. As the characters moved the camera would follow them, but the character's positions would also move relative to the camera and I don't think that looked good personally.

OH! Also, move the camera down a bit more during battles. The bottom menu covered up alot of the cool motion and action really often. The battles showed too much of the trees and upper side of the screen. There's nothing interesting happening there, so it felt disappointing missing out on the cool animations because the camera didn't center on the characters.

Regarding the adult aspect

Well this is a general controversial aspect to discuss. Everyone's got their own tastes and reasons for doing what they do, so I'm not going into that. I'm only going to talk about how I feel the adult elements were integrated into the game.

To be honest, I'm actually a bit disappointed with how long I had to play before I saw any adult aspect show itself. Second time I played, just to see whether the forest was randomly generated, I didn't experience any adult content throughout the entire experience.

Regarding the audio
I'm not sure I liked Jessika's voice actor too much. Maybe when I saw the image, I just had different expectations for how she'd sound. I think the voice actress sounded a touch too serious.

Mouse was pretty great though.


Regarding Exploration, I think retreating should allow you to keep all of your loot. At least have an exit area so that if you go all the way back to the starting location you can leave while keeping all the stuff you got. Also when you switch locations your character should appear the door of the location that leads back to where you came from in my opinion.

Regarding development, I don't think your enemies need a death animation. Your animator and artist is amazing, and I don't know how fast you work but death animations are only useful if the death target can be revived. Usually players can revive dead allies so they have a death animation. If enemies can't revive dead allies, then it might be better to just have them slowly disappear or flatten or something. You don't have to give yourself too much work.

Regarding combat, I really hope you don't ignore passive abilities and unique actives. Passive abilities are always running, but don't think of them as just stat steroids. Like Passive Ability - When health is lower than 50% strength is increased by 50%. That would be a good passive ability, but you can do some interesting things there too.

For instance, you can have the passive ability... ummm... let's call it Weak Chaser . Weak Chaser - When an ally inflicts a status ability on an enemy, teleport behind the enemy and slash.  Or maybe Greedy - Attacking a stunned enemy has the chance to rob them of some gold.

Passive Abilities have the effect of encouraging players to adapt their play-styles and use different abilities.

Regarding the adult stuff. First I must add that I'm actually a really large fan of female assertive positions. I love cowgirl and all that, but I don't like this game's adult content because I'm not a fan of sluts, yuri, or the ugly_bastard tag. Ah... I should've said that earlier hunh XD. Yes... I don't like the game's adult content, but that's just a personal preference of course! Please don't let it color your perception of what I wrote. I did my best to be objective!

My suggestion regarding adult stuff would be to make it easier for it to happen and to not rely too much on chance for when it does happen. I think it's frustrating when your characters don't listen to commands even if they ignore to do sex stuff.
Maybe you have the option of having sex with the enemy at any point in the game as a different skill set. If you succeed in having sex with them you do damage to them and they might attack allies? Since I'm not personally invested in the adult content, I can't really say much here, but I will say that the game's very low in sexual content as of this moment. Anyway to make it happen more often, without it feeling like punishment would be good in my opinion.

Oh regarding input. I think if you're going to ask the player to use the mouse to traverse the HUB menu, you should allow the entire game to be played solely on mouse. Click right to move right and left to move left, use skills with clicking skills then the enemy. Currently 90% of the game can be controlled with the mouse and 10% can't. It's incongruous. PERSONALLY, I feel like you should also have 100% of the game be able to be controlled by keyboard as well, but that's just my preference.


I hate autosave only style games. Let me save when I want to, and load when I want to. As a dev I can understand doing autosave only for a demo (i'm doing the same thing lol) but yeah... PLEASE add it soon.

I won't be following the game as sexually it doesn't interest me, but I seriously wish you guys the BEST of luck.


EDIT: Oh almost forgot to talk about unit movement. This is one of the aspects of the game I didn't like during battles. When a unit attacksthey basically teleports straight to the enemy (which I don't mind at all actually for mouse - looks dope) but when they're done, they don't actually jump back to their starting position. I don't think this looks good.

The goblins throwing their bomb also looks bad. The bomb doesn't move in the air at all. You guys need to add some tweening for some of these battle motions.

I hope battles in the future give drops or gold in the future because right now there's no real incentive to seek out combat.

EDIT EDIT: Oh man I almost forgot. I should probably tell you but I found you through erodev if you're concerned about marketing. I'd also like to add to be careful with yuri content. Give players any amount and the expectation will be to include futa. Once you have futa fans though... they're gonna harangue you into including more and more of it. It happened to a dev my friend was following... What was the project called... uhh... LEWDMAZE! Yeah that's what's it was called. It's basically a futa game now even though you can tell it originally wasn't supposed to be.

Pls make the one for the 32 bit pls

Hi! This game is great! I mean really great! I love the characters <3 The battles are incredibly fun after the lust break! I wish you luck and lot of inspiration! :D

Nevertheless, I find out that if one of girl do something lewd in the battle, the next turn is completely skipped if it's turn of the other girl or the enemies starts attacking together. Dunno if you know about this bug, better write you... I played the browser version.

Yeah it's a bug. I think that's already been resolved in the next build. Forwarding it to the programmer just in case. :)

So I am wondering, I did ask this before but I guess I just am confirming. The way that updates are done is you will do alot of stuff and build updates and extra stuff to then release it once it piles up for a bigger update right? I am sorta slow lol sorry


Pretty much. We've implemented the core elements for this build now and we're onto polishing state. Hopefully the alpha builds will be sent out soon for further testing. eitherway, you can check the monthly report here:

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